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1,000 restaurants receive help with vegetable giveaways with “Vegan Costco” gifts

Vegan marketplace VEDGEco gives away free herbal products to independent restaurants to help them create new menu options. The company’s new promotion offers the first 1,000 restaurants to sign up for VEDGEco membership a $ 125 credit that can be applied to a variety of its products including Impossible Burgers, JUST Egg and Alpha Foods Chicken Nuggets. “Adding plant-based products to menus has been shown to increase foot traffic and sales,” said Trevor Hitch, Founder and CEO of VEDGEco. “In these very difficult times, we wanted to do our part to ensure that independent restaurants can easily and safely try plant-based ingredients and expand their menu offerings.”

Vegan Costco

On November 1, 2019 (World Vegan Day) the brothers Trevor and Ty Hitch opened VEDGEco’s first vegan wholesale warehouse in Hawaii. After a successful year, the brothers decided to expand their business to the lower 48 states. In August 2020, VEDGEco launched an e-commerce platform with shipping options on the east and west coast, which enables shipping directly to consumers and directly to companies within one to two days. All products are shipped frozen and packaged with environmentally friendly, foam-free materials. The market operates in a similar way to the big box retailer Costco, which offers restaurants and consumers mass-produced items at wholesale prices.

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