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18 best vegan donuts in the US that you must try

Don’t underestimate the power of the donut. In the First World War, simple dough balls were said to raise the morale of the US troops. Today we honor these brave (mostly female) volunteers who worked overseas preparing those sweet edible breaks between their many assignments. June 4th is National Donut Day, and it’s a day to honor the Donut Lassies. You can read more about the history of this delicious day here, but if you are less in the educational mood and more on the question “How quickly can I find a vegan donut?”? Madness, read on. From coast to coast and everywhere in between, here are the best vegan donuts to celebrate National Donut Day (or any day, really).

Donut friend

1st youth magazine from Donut Friend in Los Angeles, California

There’s so much wasted potential in a donut hole. Instead of leaving unsatisfactory air behind, this vegan donut micro-chain fills the void with Bavarian cream that is doused with sugar and seared for a crème brûlée effect. In terms of dessert mashups, this glazed donut creme br hybridlée hybrid is a step above the cronut.
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Peaceful provisions

2. Eclairs from Peaceful Provisions in Beacon, NY

It’s worth getting up early for this donut. Located in Beacon, NY and only open Friday through Sunday with limited hours, this vegan bakery is selling out fast. It’s a telling sign that something big is ahead of you. Every bite they take is epic, but the eclair donuts are over the top. Go traditional with a vanilla batter and cream filling and chocolate icing, or get spicy with the cinnamon pecan variety. Just fill in whatever is left.
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Victor and Mika’s bakery

3. Victor and Mika’s Bakery Biscoff Cookie Butter Donut in Winter Haven, FL

Those who eat spoonfuls of biscuit butter know who you are. While spooning speculoos in your mouth is a purity, it’s exponentially more delicious to frost a cherished vegan donut with it. You can find them on the changing menu at the Winter Haven farmers’ market.
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4. Doe Donuts’ tiramisu-filled in Portland, OR

The best vegan tiramisu can only be in donut form. This vegan donut specializes in yeast dough, filled and sweet decorated fried dough. The tiramisu is a deliciously complex miracle made of a sour cream cheese filling, a light but bread-like dough and a coffee glaze with cocoa powder. Enjoy with a double espresso.
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Dun-well donuts

5. Dun-Well Donuts ’PB&J in Brooklyn, NY

This donut is one level above the classic jelly-filled and adds a thick layer of creamy peanut icing to recreate that humble fried batter shape sandwich. There’s a reason it’s a best seller.
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Vegan donut company

6. Strawberry Cake from the Vegan Donut Company in Lakewood, Ohio

This Cleveland area specialty bakery has a rotating list of inventive donut flavors, but customers and visitors alike can count on the recurring Strawberry Shortcake. It is a square, filled donut with strawberry sprinkles, borrowed from the famous ice cream novelty and refined with a medium dollop of whipped cream and a fresh strawberry. You will need two hands (or a knife and fork) to remove this donut. Note: From June 2nd, the shop will be temporarily closed due to the death of the owner’s mother. Follow the company on Instagram to reopen updates.
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Seeds NOLA

7. Seeds from NOLA’s fritters, New Orleans, LA

According to the culinary definition, a beignet is a donut. Now that’s done, pick out a hot batch of these melting, sugary treats. Enjoy it with a large cup of coffee and a mountain of napkins. Plan your outfit accordingly – don’t wear black all day or run the risk of powdered sugar residue.
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Ronald’s donuts

8th Ronalds Donuts Birthday Donut in Las Vegas, NV

This no-frills vegan donut shop makes some of the best vegan donuts in the country, according to its loyal fans. Grab a dozen and make sure you grab some birthday donuts sprinkled with a couple of rainbow jimmies and a thick vanilla icing.
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Dottie’s donuts

9. The Boston Cream from Dotties Donuts in Philadelphia, PA

The flavors at this renowned vegan donut shop change daily. So we happily recommend the blueberry pop tart option or the chef’s spicy chocolate cheesecake dish, but it may not be there during your visit. Pro tip: Order the constant Boston Cream and always go to the Chef Special when it’s not sold out.
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Erin McKenna’s Bakery

10. Erin McKennas Coffee Crunch, multiple locations

Are you looking for something gluten-free that doesn’t taste gluten-free? Erin McKenna has you. This bakery’s cake donuts are sublime and never gritty. It’s a tough choice between the coconut and chocolate-covered Samoa and the coffee crunch, but the texture of this coffee-flavored, crumbly treat calls out our name every time.
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Vegan goodies

11. Chicken and Waffles from Vegan Treats in Bethlehem, PA

This mashup appears only at the baker’s discretion. So when you see it in the store, grab it. Light and fluffy donuts are dipped in a maple glaze and then topped with two pieces of homemade crispy fried “chicken” and Belgian miniature waffles. If you thought chicken and waffles were a crazy combo this donut is going to blow your mind.
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Good city donuts

12. Vegan S’mores from Good Town Donuts in Costa Mesa, CA

Not all of the donuts in this boutique donut are vegan, but at least half of them are. While the colorful raspberry pistachio or pretty cherry blossom first catches your attention, your eyes can delight with the colossal toasted marshmallow and graham cracker topping with chocolate icing. You have to hang your jaw to taste it all in one bite.
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Donut run

13th Donut Runs Apple Fritter in Washington, DC

As the country’s capital, it was high time DC had its own vegan donut shop. The small shop with a light pink facade was founded in January 2021 and specializes in yeast and glazed confectionery. Sure, grab enough of these frozen treats, but leave room for the head-sized apple fritters. It’s cute, jagged, soft, and fluffy all in one.
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Revolution donuts

14th Revolution Donuts’ Mint Julep in Atlanta, GA

It was extremely annoying to pick just one great flavor from this vegan friendly place, but the Mint Julep was way ahead. The pastel green pastry is a yeast round with bourbon and mint glaze, vanilla whip and fresh mint. Why drink your cocktail when you can devour it?
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The donuttery

15. The Donuttery’s Blueberry Cake in Huntington Beach, CA

This Surftown donut shop will never let you down. It is open around the clock, 365 days a year. We portrayed The Donuttery for National Donut Day last year to see how it stayed afloat (and open) during the turbulence of 2020. Given the wide range of vegan options here, we always try to mix it up each time we visit, but the Humble Blueberry Pie Donut will forever be a constant on our orders.
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Kimberly Deflores

16. Vegan donut gelato is old fashioned

This old-school Oakland-based donutterie serves affordable, accessible pink box donuts in the Bay Area. Every bite in this crunchy, old-fashioned style, maple glazed donut is absolute perfection.
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Valkyrie donuts

17th Valkyrie donuts’Birthday cake in Orlando, FL

There’s more than one reason to visit Orlando and it’s not Disneyworld. These square donuts surpass any vegan treat you can find in the surrounding amusement parks. When it’s in rotation, grab the birthday cake if you can. Think of it as a traditional 13 notch streusel donut – it’s a hand-sized yeast dough topped with a thick birthday cake-flavored icing, rainbow sprinkles, and homemade funfetti cake crumbs. Put a candle in it and start partying.
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Voodoo donuts

18. The vegan voodoo doll from Voodoo Donuts, multiple locations

Not for the slightly offended, this edgy, flashy donut necklace is known for its stark inventions in both name and shape (we’re not going to gloss it over – several cream-filled flavors are phallic). We’re fans of several vegan flavors, but beginners need to try the brand’s eponymous Voodoo Doll Donut. Shaped exactly as it sounds, the playful yeast treat is filled with raspberry jelly, glazed with chocolate and pricked with a salted pretzel stick. This is definitely a time to play with your food.
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Tanya Flink is digital editor at Vegetable News as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast who lives in Orange County, California.

Photo courtesy of Tipster

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