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20 percent of the British plan a fully vegan Christmas dinner

According to a new survey by the cheese company, one in five people in the UK plan to cook a completely vegan Christmas dinner Apple wood. The company surveyed 2,037 people and found that nearly half (46 percent) will have at least one vegan among their Christmas dinners. In addition, 39 percent said this is the first time they have considered vegan options for their Christmas party, and 74 percent of respondents said they would look for plant-based alternatives to cheese this holiday.

“Research shows that vegans and vegetarians are expected to make up a quarter of the UK population by 2025. A vegan diet could be the ‘greatest way’ we can do to reduce our environmental impact on the planet,” said Lisa Harrison, senior brand manager at Applewood said. “But we were surprised by our survey results, which show that people are increasingly willing to forego their traditional Christmas foodie treats in order to find healthier alternatives, even when cooking becomes vegan for the whole family.”

Last year UK based non-profit organization The vegan society released similar data showing that 24 percent of Britons would cook a vegan or vegetarian meal for guests for Christmas.

Applewood Vegan
In 2019, Applewood’s parent company, Norseland, launched Applewood Vegan (its first vegan cheese), which sold out in 40 percent of ASDA stores within a day, requiring increased production of the coconut oil-based cheese. This summer, the brand expanded its plant-based offering with the introduction of a vegan version of their jalapeño flavored Mexicana cheese and apple wood vegan slices. The brand is currently expanding its Applewood Vegan Cheese to retailers across Canada.

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