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7,000 7-Eleven stores are now selling Koia’s vegan protein smoothies

This week beverage brand Koia expanded the distribution of its vegan protein smoothies to 7-Eleven locations across the country. Last summer, the brand participated in the 7-Eleven “Sips & Snacks That Love You Back” program at 200 locations in Southern California, which tested 25 new foods and beverages – including vegan pork pods from Outstanding Foods. 7-Eleven expanded its partnership with Koia after the brand emerged as a bestseller during testing. “Over 60 percent of our consumers come to 7-Eleven to get drinks. Therefore, it is vital for our portfolio that they meet their healthy living needs, “said Daniela Field, Senior Category Manager of 7-Eleven, Inc.” With Koia we stay competitive and evolve into a broader travel destination that is better for you. We wholeheartedly believe that it can compete with any of the big brands we sell. “

7-Eleven offers Koia’s protein line (18 grams of protein per serving) in vanilla, cocoa, and chocolate banana flavors for $ 3.99 per 12-ounce bottle.

Vegan keto smoothies

In 2019 Koia introduced a range of vegan keto smoothies in the flavors Cake Batter, Chocolate Brownie and Caramel Crème exclusively at the Whole Foods Market. The Koia Keto line offers low-sugar, high-fat smoothies specifically designed for those on a ketogenic (“keto”) diet who want to get 80 percent of their daily calories from fat that they normally get from meat and dairy products Koia and its vegan smoothies. Now the brand is offering enhanced flavors in its keto and protein lines as well as a fruit-based smoothie line at a growing number of retailers across the country.

“We’ve seen our customer base grow and evolve as more people struggle to find affordable plant-based foods that taste great,” said Chris Hunter, Co-Founder and CEO of Koia. “7-Eleven has the unique ability to rapidly evolve its shelves and deliver the low sugar products that people care about today. We look forward to expanding with them as they work to make healthy choices more accessible to everyone. “

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