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8 microwaveable vegan cup cakes: From Funfetti to Red Velvet

Vegan mug cakes ensure that you are ready when the craving for cake calls. When you have a couple of cabinet clips and a microwave, you are minutes away from diving into a hot and fluffy sweet treat. And while the technology is the same, the microwave and mug options are endless. From a fudgy brownie to a decadent red velvet cake, here are eight vegan mug cakes that you can seal up in a snap.

The conscious vegetable kitchen

1. Vegan vanilla cup cake without egg, without milk by The Conscious Plant Kitchen

With just six ingredients and two minutes, you can make a delicious vegan vanilla mug cake that rivals many store-bought options. This recipe is light, fluffy, and benefits from a dollop of vegan Chocolate hazelnut spread or a prank of store-bought vegan frosting. You could also have a tub handy – you’ll make this mug cake often.
Get the recipe here.

Chocolate covered Katie

2. One Minute Vegan Chocolate Mug Cake Chocolate covered Katie

If you love Team Chocolate you have to try this cake. Does it taste like a three-layer fudge cake that you order for your birthday every year? No, but it’s a damn good chocolate treat on any non-festive day of the week. It’s fabulous with vegan chocolate and hazelnut spread or a thick spread of Chocolate Peanut Butter Powder.
Get the recipe here.

Kitchen contract

3. Easy vegan mug cake with peanut butter according to kitchen contract

This not-too-sweet peanut butter treat is fantastic on its own, but adding a few vegan chocolate chips to the batter only makes it better. Furthermore, it really doesn’t need a garnish, but if you decide to gild the lily, you will perform your “I just ate something great” happy dance with a spoonful of peanut butter and jelly.
Get the recipe here.

Jessica in the kitchen

4th Banana Bread Mug Cake (vegan) from Jessica in the kitchen

We know you already have a perfect banana bread recipe, but we can almost guarantee that the recipe won’t translate well to a microwave mug cake application. Also, sometimes you don’t have three ripe bananas on hand. When all you have left is the last brown banana and don’t want to wait 45 minutes for a full loaf to bake, this vegan banana mug cake will save the day. Enjoy it with a scoop of vegan vanilla ice cream that is tapped right on top.
Get the recipe here.

My kids lick the bowl

5. Vegan brownie in a mug by My Kids Lick The Bowl

Boxed brownies are pretty quick, but you can’t beat this two-minute recipe. Made with just five simple ingredients, you can make a hot, sticky brownie whenever you need a chocolate solution. Once you’ve mastered the basic recipe, have some fun adding a handful of vegan chocolate chips, nuts, or even chopped vegan peanut butter cups to the batter. Enjoy alone or with vegan ice cream and a cherry on top.
Get the recipe here.

Colleen Christensen

6th Funfetti vegan mug cake by Colleen Christensen

Funfetti is not just for birthdays and not just for children. This simplified, two-minute microwave version makes Funfetti available to everyone. Did you have a stressful day? Funfetti. Completed a home improvement project? Funfetti. It’s a sweet, nostalgic treat that makes every day better.
Get the recipe here.

Go Dairy Free

7th Vegan red velvet mug cake by Go Dairy Free

This recipe turns the script of traditional cake construction upside down. Instead of sprinkling cream cheese frosting on top, this vegan blogger puts the cream cheese in for a creamy, sweet surprise. Think of it as a decadent red velvet muffin with a melt-in-the-mouth center. Pro tip: this hack works for traditional cupcakes too!
Get the recipe here.

Plant-based RD

8th. Vegan cookie mug cake by Plant Based RD

Make a one-serving pizookie in minutes with this quick recipe. Note: You’ll want to gobble it up as soon as it comes out of the microwave, but if you want to keep your taste buds, we recommend waiting five minutes. The chocolate is still hot and melting, but not lava hot. Finish this pizookie-for-one with a scoop of vegan ice cream and hot fudge.
Get the recipe here.

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Credit: Plant-based RD

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