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A conservative vegan political group that has just formed in the UK

New group Vegan Conservatives was recently founded in the UK to promote veganism within the country’s Conservative Party. The Vegan Conservatives are made up of party members, council members and activists from across the UK and are considered the vegan caucus of the Conservative Party.

Promote Veganuary
As part of the group’s launch, Conservative MPs from across the country signed up for Veganuary – an annual challenge that encourages people to pursue a vegan lifestyle for the month of January and beyond. MP attendees in Veganuary include Henry Smith, MP (Crawley); Mark Garnier, MP (Wyre Forest); John Baron, MP (Basildon and Billericay); Christian Wakeford, MP (Bury South); Andrea Jenkyns, MP (Morley and Outwood); Matthew Offord, MP (Hendon); Ben Spencer, MP (Runnymede and Weybridge); James Daly, MP (Bury North); and Dean Russell, MP (Watford).

“We are delighted that so many Conservative MPs are going vegan in January and officially founding the new group of vegan conservatives. At the heart of conservatism is the desire to protect and protect our environment. The switch to a plant-based food system is crucial, to prevent dangerous climate change, reduce the risk of pandemics and protect animals, “said Andrew Boff, spokesman for the Vegan Conservatives.” The modern vegan movement was born here in the UK and as vegan conservatives we want to build on and build on this proud British tradition We look forward to working with party members, activists, councilors and MPs to advocate veganism and working with the government to advocate action that will help protect the planet, animals and public health. “

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