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A space-themed vegan bar opens in San Diego

In Fall / Winter 2021, the San Diego-based Kindred team, a popular vegan bar inspired by the sounds and aesthetics of death metal, will open MOTHERSHIP – a tropical space adventure bar. Opening in the South Park neighborhood, MOTHERSHIP is a reimagined version of Permanent Vacation, an island-inspired pop-up concept hosted by Kindred every Thursday. “MOTHERSHIP is the fully implemented launchpad for what we started with Permanent Vacation,” owner Kory Stetina told VegNews. “We hope to be able to present a completely redesigned escapist bar and restaurant.”

MOTHERSHIP’s menu, dubbed “Interplanetary Vegan Fusion,” is currently under development and includes plant-based dishes with experimental and unexpected flavor combinations, unique cocktails, and Dole Whip Soft Serve. Kindred Chef Dylan Craver will develop the small plate menu for MOTHERSHIP, while David Kinsey and Dannika Underhill – bar managers and bartenders at Kindred – will lead the cocktail menu of the new concept.

“When we launched the Permanent Vacation popup at Kindred in 2015, we introduced our unique take on a” tropical night. “It was a fun change from the thundering doom metal vibes we usually get in Kindred,” said Stetina . “With Permanent Vacation we have always turned away from the more traditional, earthly island aesthetic. Instead, we’ve conjured up space-age themes that date back to the time of tiki and other mid-century themed hospitality, but more focused on science fiction and retro-futurism. “

With the opening of MOTHERSHIP just half a mile from Kindred, the Permanent Vacation pop-up window will end this summer. “We love the idea that guests can easily switch between the two [Kindred and MOTHERSHIP] on the same night or on the same weekend, with both being in the same neighborhood, ”said Stetina.

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