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A strange vegan cafe owned by a black woman comes to New Jersey

In February, Brennah Lambert, the 23-year-old owner of the vegan food preparation and catering service LesbiVeggieswill open a vegan coffee shop in Audubon, NJ. Lambert started LesbiVeggies three years ago after a family member looking to lose weight asked them to cook for them. Word spread about their kitchen and soon more people were asking Lambert to prepare meals for them. Since then, LesbiVeggies has grown in popularity, paving the way for Lambert to open a stationary cafe – which was her dream. To cover the costs of opening the site, Lambert a GoFundMe campaign and has raised more than $ 1,800 to date from its $ 5,000 goal.

Promote inclusivity
An important part of Lambert’s business is highlighting their weird and black identities to encourage inclusivity, and this is how customers feel welcome in these communities. And as a vegan, she believes that a black-owned vegan company can inspire the black community to try vegan food. “In the black community, I think a lot of people think that plant-based foods are something that you really have to shy away from,” Lambert told the media company Courier mail. “So I think that I own this business and bring it out there is a stepping stone for the black community, like, ‘Okay, now we can relate to it’.”

Expansion of the food offer
At the cafe, Lambert plans to offer new and classic vegan and gluten-free dishes similar to the recipes she creates for her food delivery service, such as eggplant parmesan, cheesy quesadillas with black beans, and cauliflower wings with lemon pepper. LesbiVeggies will continue to provide food delivery services when the cafe opens. Once opened, the café will offer take-away, indoor and outdoor dining (subject to COVID restrictions).

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