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A vending machine full of vegan cookie doughs starts in Las Vegas

Next month vegan restaurant in Las Vegas Vintage Vegan Diner introduces the city’s first vegan vending machine. Co-founders Autumn (Tumn) and Taylor Riley-Parham designed the vending machine to make plant-based foods more accessible at any time of the day. The vending machine contains Vintage Vegan Diner’s most popular frozen and ready-to-eat items, including the new edible cookie dough, vegan turkey and cheese pusher, and tofu bites in four flavors.

Vegan sale all over Vegas
Riley-Parhams plans to put the vending machine in different locations around the city, as suggested by its customers, to provide plant-based foods to Las Vegas residents in different parts of the city. “We plan to have the machine show up in different locations in Vegas until it is home forever. Where do you want to see this “Vintage Vegan Diner asked further Instagram. As black vegans, the main concern of the co-founders is to ensure that affordable plant-based options are available in color communities, low-income communities, and downtown areas where food deserts are common.

First launched in May, Vintage Vegan Diner offers vegan versions of American cuisine such as collard greens, mac and cheese, and vegan chicken tenders. The restaurant currently offers online ordering with roadside pickup and delivery.

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