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Abe just opened a vegan muffin shop

Baked goods brand Abes is now running an online vegan muffin shop for a limited time. In honor of National Muffin Day, Abe’s is offering three “Party in a Box” options: Muffin ‘But The Muffin ($ 75), a sampler pack that features all of Abe’s 10 muffin flavors (including an unreleased Mystery Taste) as well as a contains Abe’s lunch box in limited edition; Chocolate Madness Box ($ 80), a box of all of Abe’s chocolate-flavored goodies, including brownies, muffins, pound cake, and Chocolate Celebration Layer Cake, along with a T-shirt; and Ultimate Party in A Box ($ 90) with brand new items like Abe’s Celebration Cakes and Brownies, Mini Muffins and Pound Cakes, as well as celebratory balloons and an Abe’s party hat.

The shop was created to meet customer demand for dropship, a service Abe has not previously offered. “With everything going on last year, we know that many consumers had difficulty getting our products,” said Abes founder Marty Koffman. “The ecommerce pop-up shop is our way of celebrating the Abe line and thanking everyone for their continued support during this challenging time.”

The shop is open nationwide for shipping while stocks last, and customers are the first to test the brand’s “environmentally friendly” mini muffin cardboard boxes, which contain 60 percent less plastic than normal clamshell containers. Abe hopes the test will be successful so that he can replace his current packaging with the cardboard containers at retailers across the country.

Abes vegan goodies

The company was founded by brothers Joby and Marty Koffman to offer a sweet treat to Joby’s son Abe, who was born with peanut, tree nut, and milk allergies. Abes muffins are available in a variety of flavors at select locations in the Whole Foods Market, Sprouts Market, Ralphs, Morton Williams and Hyvee, e. B. Chocolate chips – according to the market research company, the best-selling vegan snack in the country, SPINS, with its Wild Blueberry Smash taste in second place. In addition to expanding sales last year, Abe’s developed its products beyond muffins and last year introduced vegan chocolate fondant brownies and celebration layer cake with vanilla, chocolate and carrot flavor to retailers.

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