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Aveda removes beeswax and is fully vegan

Today cruelty-free hair care and beauty brand Aveda announced that all of its products will be 100 percent vegan worldwide. More than 500 hair care, hair color, body care, makeup and flavoring products are now free from honey, beeswax and beeswax-derived ingredients. “Aveda was founded on an environmental mission, so it was a natural next step for us to go vegan to further reduce our impact on the planet,” said Christine Hall, Aveda vice president of research and development. “We have been forced to accelerate the process further as we grapple with the facts about the effects of animal ingredients on the health of the planet.”

The brand also works with Veganuary Aveda is the first US-based beauty brand to support Veganuary’s efforts.

Cruelty free from the start
Aveda was founded in 1978 as a cruelty free company with an emphasis on environmental responsibility. While most of the brand’s products were already vegan, some contained honey, beeswax, and ingredients derived from beeswax. “It’s important to note that we’ve always stayed away from using most animal ingredients, with the exception of ingredients made from bees,” Hall said. “For us as a cruelty-free brand, this has always been a priority.” In order to meet the sustainability milestones set each year to further reduce the brand’s impact on the planet, Aveda started the rest of it not – Reformulating vegan products with herbal ingredients.

Save the bees
While all of the new Aveda products launched since July 2019 were vegan, removing honey, beeswax, and beeswax-derived ingredients from the older products was a challenge. “Many companies use synthetic beeswax, which is made from petroleum. However, this was not an option for us as we always make sure that our formulas are derived as naturally as possible, ”explained Hall. Instead of crude oil, the Aveda team worked for three years to formulate their own alternative to beeswax with a mixture of naturally obtained waxes and butter. “Every time we touch our formulas, we want to improve them … Some examples are our Feed My Lips lipsticks and our Light Elements Texturizing Cream,” Hall said. “The latter was a huge challenge to reformulate as it previously relied on beeswax to provide texture and hold. However, we were able to modify the formula to the extent that I think it works even better now than before.”

Along with its hair products and lipsticks, Aveda switched flavors and hired the brand’s in-house perfumers to recreate the same sweet, warm and complex smell without the use of beeswax. “The end result is really no compromise, high-performance formulations that are sustainably manufactured,” said Hall.

Aveda’s new vegan formulations can be bought on his website, Salons, spas and shops. In addition, Aveda’s products are sold in Hong Kong, which unlike mainland China, does not require animal testing for hair care or beauty products. Consumers in mainland China can purchase the brand’s products from TMall Global, which is based in Hong Kong and does not require animal testing.

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