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Bill Gates: Wealthy Nations Must Throw Away Beef For The Planet

Bill Gates, billionaire philanthropist, urges rich nations to move away from environmentally damaging animal husbandry to plant-based and laboratory-grown alternatives to meat. This week Gates released his new book How to avoid a climate catastrophe in which he describes in detail the complex solutions to the climate crisis. Gates had a say before the book was published MIT Technology Review on innovation and action needed to save the planet, including rethinking global food systems. When asked if all the nations of the world could and should switch to alternatives to traditionally raised beef, Gates said, “I don’t think the poorest 80 countries will eat synthetically [plant-based or lab-grown] Flesh. I think all rich countries should switch 100 percent to synthetic beef. One can get used to the difference in taste and claim that it will taste even better over time. ”

While Gates is skeptical about whether laboratory-grown meat will be commercially viable, plant-based companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods have a roadmap, high quality roadmap, and cost roadmap that make them perfectly competitive [with animal meat]. As for today’s standards, they are not one percent of the flesh of the world, but they are on the way. “

Gates for keeping animals

Gates has been talking about the harmful effects of animal husbandry for some time, including in his long-standing blog “Gates Notes”. As part of his efforts to fight climate change, Gates has invested in several companies poised to displace animal husbandry, including vegan brand Beyond Meat, plant-based technology startup Nature’s Fynd and cultivated meat company Memphis Meats. Through Breakthrough Energy Ventures – a fund that includes billionaires like Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and Virgin founder Richard Branson in addition to Gates – the Microsoft founder has also invested in food technology company Motif, which aims to help plant-based food manufacturers grow larger companies achieve demographics through its biotechnology platform.

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