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Burger King expands plant-based Whopper to Japan

This month, multinational fast food chain Burger King added the Plant-Based Whopper to select locations across Japan for a limited time. The new burger consists of a soy-based patty (the maker of which has not been disclosed), lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, ketchup and mayonnaise and is served on a toasted sesame bun. “Burger King is proud to announce the launch of the Plant-Based Whopper, a 100 percent plant-based patty with a smoky, hearty flavor created by its unique open flame method.” a press release Announcement of the start status. “Burger King has spent almost two years creating a burger with a 100 percent vegetable patty. Now we are proud to present the Plant-Based Whopper. “

It’s unclear whether Japan’s meatless whopper is animal-free, as the mayonnaise likely contains eggs. In addition, all meat or plant-based burgers at Burger King tend to share cooking surfaces, as is the case in Japan.

Meat-free Whoppers for everyone
In August 2019, Burger King launched the Impossible Whopper for the first time at all locations in the USA, which was made with a plant-based patty from Impossible Burger. Since then, various versions of meatless Whoppers have found their way into menus around the world, including the Rebel Whopper in Brazil (featuring a plant-based patty made by Marfrig Global Foods SA – the world’s largest maker of animal-based hamburgers). and the Rebel Whopper in Sweden (where the patty is made by an unknown European brand that also supplies the chain’s Swedish locations with the patty for a meatless Rebel Chicken King sandwich). This month, Mexico got its first meatless Whopper with the launch of Whopper Vegetal, a vegan patty made by The Vegetarian Butcher, a Unilever-owned company.

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