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Cheesy Vegan Garlic Breadsticks that have just been introduced to 65 pizza shops in the Midwest

This week, Wisconsin-based pizza chain Toppers Pizza added cheesy vegan garlic breadsticks to more than 60 locations in the Midwest and South. The new option, Veganstick, is a vegan version of the chain’s popular Topperstix and features melted vegan cheese on garlic bread sticks. “Too often vegans have to settle for faint imitations of the food they love. That’s why we’re determined to offer vegan options that are just as delicious as our traditional offerings,” said Scott Gittrich, founder and president of Toppers Pizza. “When we started building our vegan creations, we knew we had something special, but the customer feedback still blew us away. It wasn’t long before we decided that we had to build on this success by offering a vegan version of our Topperstix. “

Toppers vegan menu
In July 2020, Toppers launched an extensive vegan menu that was created in collaboration with Milwaukee-based chef Melanie Manuel – owner of the vegan restaurant Celesta. The chain now offers three vegan pizzas: Buffalo Chicken-Less Topper (buffalo sauce, vegan mozzarella, crispy vegetable-based chicken and spring onions drizzled with ranch sauce); Korean BBQ Chicken-less Topper (Korean BBQ Sauce, Vegan Mozzarella, Crispy Plant-Based Chicken, Onions, and Green Peppers); and Tuscano Topper (homemade pizza sauce, roasted garlic tomatoes, green olives, spinach and vegan mozzarella). Custom pizza toppings such as vegan mozzarella cheese, crispy plant-based chicken, and sauces and dips such as ranch and Korean BBQ are also available.

“We always listen to customer feedback and in the past few years we’ve heard a growing demand for vegan options,” said Gittrich. “A lot of restaurants treat their vegan menu afterwards – if they have one – but we don’t add anything to our menu unless we’re completely in love with them. Our fans wanted vegan options, so we set out to create the best vegan menu in the world To create the pizza world and I’m proud to say we were successful. “

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