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Chef creates Violife Vegan Cheese Chalet for the holidays, and so can you

Matthew Ravenscroft, chef at Rosalinda Restaurant in Toronto, created a vegan cheese chalet as part of Violife Foods Campaign 2020 #SantaButVegan. Inspired by this year’s holiday trend of creating gingerbread houses for sausages and other creative snacks for Santa Claus, Ravenscroft built a vegan house from five of Violife’s cheeses. The chalet was built to support the brand’s efforts to encourage Canadians to prepare vegan snacks for Santa Claus – who, according to Violife, will be more compassionate and cosmopolitan than ever in 2020, and who values ​​sustainability as part of his joyful life. ”

Build the chalet
To create the chalet, Ravenscroft used Violife’s original creamy spread as “mortar” to hold the roof and walls together and create icicles on the roofline. The chef made the front door out of Violife smoked provolone and grated Violife parmesan wedge to create snow. For the snow person outside, Ravenscroft used a combination of Violife Feta Style and Violife Creamy Original. Other decorations include a broccolini bush, a sledge made of red pepper, decorative jewels (and a doorknob) made of pomegranate seeds, diced carrots as lights, trees made of rosemary branches and mushroom caps, kumquats as windows and round crackers as roof shingles. The roof of the chalet consists of a grilled cheese sandwich filled with roasted apples and Violifes ripe cheese slices as well as the smoked provolone slices.

“This is a first for me; I’ve never seen anything like this vegan cheese chalet, ”said Ravenscroft. “After using Violife in various recipes, I knew their products were suitable for this challenge. I had to play around to develop the architecture; The magic really happened when I went for the load-bearing roof with grilled cheese. “

DIY vegan cheese house
Violife posted a step-by-step tutorial led by Ravenscroft to help fans create the cheese chalet at home. As part of the #SantaButVegan campaign, the brand is donating $ 2,000 to four organizations – Animal Justice, FoodShare Toronto, Red Door Shelter, and Team Dog Rescue – selected by social media influencers who are now on their Instagram Accounts to participate in the campaign until Christmas Eve.

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