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Chloe Coscarelli wins years of legal dispute over CHLOE Vegan Brand

This week vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli She announced on social media that she had prevailed in a four-year legal battle over the fast-paced vegan chain CHLOE, which she co-founded in 2015. Shortly after opening its first location in New York City, Coscarelli’s business partner ESquared, Coscarelli discontinued the CHLOE brand that bears her name. Since then, she has fought for her rights in the company in lawsuits that included trademark infringement, breaches of her publicity rights and copyright infringement.

“Five years ago we opened the doors to the very first of CHLOE on Bleecker Street. It was more than a restaurant to me; It was a dream – one that I followed with all my heart and soul, ”said Coscarelli Instagram. Little did I know that the dream would soon turn into a nightmare. “Less than a year after we opened, I was viciously ousted from the company my business partner started and have been embroiled in a brutal legal battle ever since.”

The CHLOE judgment
Coscarelli said the judge earlier this month issued an 87-page ruling in her favor that gave her a 50 percent stake in the company. However, she recently learned that CHLOE and its affiliates in the US have filed for bankruptcy. The chain currently operates 14 locations in NYC, Rhode Island, Los Angeles and Boston, as well as locations in the UK and Canada. After CHLOE opened its first international location in London last year, CHLOE secured a $ 31 million investment to fund the vegan chain’s global expansion with the goal of opening 20 additional locations in the US, Europe and to open in the Middle East.

The von CHLOE bankruptcy
With the filing for bankruptcy, the company arranged a “debtor in possession” financing that enables its restaurants to continue operating until the company is sold. As part of the process, the bankruptcy court must approve any sale of the company. Coscarelli said she was looking for new partners. “I am examining options along with other options to submit a bankruptcy offer for the company,” Coscarelli told VegNews. “I am grateful for the arbitration win, and my attorneys have petitions to federal court in New York to uphold the arbitrator’s decision.”

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