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Chobani brings vegan oat milk creams onto the market

This month, yogurt brand Chobani will launch two vegan oat milk creams at retailers across the country. The new creams will be available in 24-ounce boxes ($ 3.99) in Original and Vanilla flavors. Chobani will also add the vegan Oat Zero Sugar drink, which comes in 54-ounce cartons for $ 3.99.

Vegan at Chobani
In January 2019, Chobani launched its first vegan line based on coconut milk with five flavors for yogurt and four drinks. In November 2019, the brand expanded its vegan offering with the launch of The World of Chobani Oat – an oat-based product line that was originally launched with four beverage flavors, four yogurt flavors and three types of yogurt cups with a crispy topping. In December, Chobani expanded the product line with Oat Drink Barista Blend, a plant-based milk that behaves like steamed whole milk in coffee.

Boom in oat milk sales
Chobani is expanding its oat line to enter a growing market where oat beverage sales in 2020 have increased 272 percent since the start of the year. Other brands have launched similar products to capitalize on the growth in oat milk, including Coffee-Mate, which launched its Vegan Original Oat Milk Creamer under the Natural Bliss line at Target in April.

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