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Costco is testing vegan jalapeño mac and cheese

This spring, wholesaler Costco is testing a vegan mac and cheese at 30 locations in California and Hawaii. The popular Jalapeño & Cheddar from Chef Ayinde Howell Mac & Yease will be available in 32-ounce take-and-bake trays in the store’s prepared food section. Howell – the former personal chef of musician India.Arie – developed the now popular Mac & Yease recipe a few years ago as a tribute to his great-grandmother Mary’s Sunday lunch. The taste of jalapeño and cheddar is the same recipe, but with the added kick of fresh jalapeño. Costco will be the first retailer to stock this flavor.

“‘A closed mouth is not fed’ – that is a saying, my baba [grandmother] used to use a lot. That means you have to try, ”Howell told VegNews, referring to the action he took late last year when he contacted Costo himself and sent the company the Mac & Yease to try. “My Baba passed away on February 22nd and I should start in Costco in January. It was in the air because we had no orders. But on February 22nd we got the confirmation. This is a big step for a small business, for a food activist. [and] we’ll still try. “

In 2018 Howell partnered with Whole Foods to bring its mac and cheese to the hot food bar in 44 locations in the South Pacific (California, Las Vegas, Arizona, Maui, and Oahu), expanding the option to one limited time at Whole Foods locations in Northern California.

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