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Dallas gets its first sober vegan sausage bar

On April 23, the Wicked BOLD Vegan Kitchen opens as the first sober bar in Dallas / Fortworth and the first vegan restaurant in the Flower Mound region. The space is run by married couple Deric and Brooklynn Cahill, who were looking for a new space to make their vegan confectionery brand Wicked BOLD chocolates, which grew beyond the production area of ​​its kitchen-cum-living room due to the growing demand for vegan chocolate. After the couple secured a new commercial production space, they decided to take advantage of the additional open area at the front to expand the concept into a bar. In the Wicked BOLD Vegan Kitchen, the couple’s pralines – which are made on squares filled with cayenne pepper, doused with hazelnuts and sprinkled with sea salt – as well as a selection of zero-strength cocktails and vegetable sausages. “We want to offer a unique experience to have fun, have a bite to eat and enjoy a fancy zero-spirit cocktail,” said Brooklynn Cahill, who threw away both animal products and alcohol.

At Wicked BOLD Chocolates, customers can make their own vegan sausage boards from products from local vegetable brands. “We want to be brave and take risks,” said Deric Cahill. “We’re opening up to provide an exciting experience for our neighbors and giving people who aren’t vegan the opportunity to try the other side.”

First vegan restaurant in Flower Mound

The bar’s goal is to show customers that being sober and vegan is still fun. Flower Mound city officials look forward to the concept opening up as veganism continues to grow in the area. “We are delighted that Wicked has selected BOLD Vegan Kitchen Flower Mound to open its first retail location,” said JP Walton, interim director of economic development for Flower Mound City. “As vegan and plant-based foods grow in popularity, having healthier foods in Flower Mound has become a top request for residents. Wicked BOLD Vegan Kitchen is not only a great vegan diet option, but also for people looking for healthier options to satisfy their sweet teeth. “

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