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Dear Gordon Ramsay, go vegan already

Gordon Ramsay can’t stop flirting with veganism. The British celebrity chef and restaurateur has thrown sizzling remarks against vegans and vegetarians in countless social media posts and interviews, responded to requests for meat-free options by putting hamburgers in his mouth and making hyperbolic statements such as: “If the kids ever got around to it I said, “Dad, I’m a vegetarian.” Then I put her on the fence and electrocuted her. “Despite this very strong opinion against cruelty-free life, he has advocated veganism multiple times, most recently in March 2021. Personally, we believe he should drop the act, go all-in, apologize, and move on to his new vegetable person are willing to let the past be past if that means another (very influential) member of Team Vegan. Just for fun, here are the six times Ramsay has publicly indulged in the vegan movement.

Gordon Ramsay

January 2018

Like many cooks, Ramsay struggled with his weight. After receiving a blunt ultimatum from his wife to mold or surrender, the burly chef turned himself into an Ironman competitor by hiring a personal trainer and removing milk and cheese from his diet. Guess what? It worked. He lost around 56 pounds and completed the Ironman 70.3. He said People“Dropping milk and cheese made a world of difference,” and the vegans of the world rolled their eyes together and whispered, “We told you.”

Pizza Street

April 2018

Unsurprisingly, a tweet about vegan pizza went viral, but when it came from Ramsay, the Twittersphere imploded. The vegan naysayer wrote“I’m going to try this #vegan thing” is the heading for the new menu item in his London pizzeria. Pizza Street (temporarily closed due to the pandemic). In retrospect, we assume that Ramsay felt the pressure of the escalating vegan movement in the London culinary scene and produced this cheeseless vegan pizza to keep up with stiff competition. Regardless of his motives, the plant community was delighted with this option. The charred eggplant pizza is still on the menu today. The three locations on Pizza Street are taking reservations for their reopening on May 17th, while the Camden location will be back in operation on April 12th.

Bread Street Kitchen

June 2018

Not long after the debut of his vegan pizza, Ramsay challenged vegan actress Madelaine Petsch (from Riverdale Fame) for the first vegan master chef duel. The chef did an outstanding job whipping a marinated cauliflower steak with a pile of garlic and onion chickpeas. Unfortunately, his skills weren’t enough to surpass the longtime vegan actress and her perfectly plated raw pesto seaweed noodles. Instead of congratulating his opponent, he tossed his apron on the floor and released a series of explosive devices as he thundered backstage. Maybe next time, Gordon. Just keep trying.

January 2019

Of all of the people who took part in Veganuary, Ramsay would have been the last one on our list. The restaurant world is a business, however, and there is no doubt that the Veganuary campaign is driving sales. Ramsays Bread Street Kitchen attended the month-long event in 2019 with a fairly elaborate vegan debut menu. The dishes ranged from starters and salads to main courses such as wild mushrooms and truffle risotto. Unlike many special vegan menus in non-vegan establishments, the dessert was also included in options that ranged from a banana sundae to chocolate avocado mousse. Well done, Ramsay. Please extend this menu to include spring, summer and autumn.

Bread Street Kitchen

January 2020

After a not-so-kind comment from Piers Morgan on his vegan roast, Ramsay doubled down to defend his puff-crusted turnip Wellington, which was part of his vegan Bread Street Kitchen menu for 2020. He posted a blog called The rise of vegan roast on his restaurant website and published his vegan Wellington recipe. In this particular case, we’re glad it doubled. Don’t let piers boss you around!

March 2021

Not long after Ramsay replied to a vegan When TikToker put a hamburger in his mouth, Ramsay stated (again) that he would try vegans … at least for lunch. The stunt was another blow to the aforementioned vegan TikToker, but the joke failed. The vegan steak tutorial he posted looked great and made a convincing argument in favor of vegan cuisine. But good, Ramsay. If you’re looking to take small steps towards a plant-based lifestyle, we won’t go through the hassle. Start with lunch and the rest will follow.

Tanya Flink is a digital editor at VegNews as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast who lives in Orange County, CA.

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