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Drunken fan emails become a reality: Quorn fans now have vegan dinosaur nuggets

This month, the vegetarian brand Quorn is launching dinosaur-shaped vegan chicken nuggets at retailers across the UK. The new Roarsomes nuggets will initially be launched in the UK supermarket chain Iceland before being rolled out to other retailers in May.

Roarsomes are breaded vegan chicken nuggets made from wheat gluten as well as potato and pea protein. The new product is Quorn’s first product specifically designed for children who need meat-free ready meals. It may also have been inspired by a customer’s drunk email to the company in 2018. “I miss out on eating nuggets shaped like my favorite creatures, but I’m a vegetarian so I can’t eat real dino nuggets.” @ Trashgremlin97 said in her email to Quorn, which she shared on Twitter. “I can confidently say that adults would like her because I am an adult and I may have a midlife crisis, but lady [sic] Guys, I just really want some dinosaur nuggets to cure my depression. “

Roarsomes are a spin-off of the popular dinosaur-shaped nuggets from the 1990s. Brands like Yummy provided fun shapes and easy cooking instructions for kids. Yummy’s Dino Buddies line also offers their own meatless, plant-based nuggets in dinosaur shape.

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