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Farm Sanctuary expands its work to include social justice issues

Animal welfare organization based in New York Farm Sanctuary recently launched a new website that takes a broader approach to animal advocacy. In addition to advocating for animals in industrial agriculture, the new platform and digital resource highlight the interrelated issues of oppression arising from the global food system, including social injustices, human rights abuses and community health crises, and aim to educate consumers on how a shift from an animal to a plant-based lifestyle can be the most powerful social change movement of our time.

A multifaceted problem
Although Farm Sanctuary says it has been serving social justice for years, the organization believes that now is the time to have an overdue conversation about it. His work in this area has included panel discussions, events, advocacy efforts and humane education curricula that explore our food system through a lens of social justice. The website also sheds light on some of these issues, such as the over a million workers – a significant proportion of whom are low-income black people with few job opportunities – in the fields, on factory farms, in slaughterhouses and processing plants, where working conditions often involve unsafe conditions high risk of injury with minimal payment. There is also the problem of environmental racism, particularly in the neighboring communities of factory farms, who are often colored people and suffer from health ailments such as cancer, birth defects and reduced life expectancy due to the harmful practices of these facilities.

“We are at a tipping point where systemic change is critical to the planet, our communities, our food system workers, public health, and the billions of farm animals that endure cruelty on an unimaginable scale,” said Megan Watkins. Farm Sanctuary CEO, told VegNews. “To commemorate 35 years of fighting for farm animals, we wanted to create an ultimate resource that tells the true story of animal husbandry, who those animals are, and empowers people everywhere to join us in finding bold solutions to end this oppression and unjust system. ”

What you can do
In the social justice section of its new website, includes a “What Can We Do?” A section on ways people can help reduce the damage animal husbandry does to workers and communities, which includes a vegan nutrition guide and buying tips, such as: B. Buying organic produce (which will help reduce the number of workers exposed to chemicals) and buying locally produced through community-supported farming programs.

Founded in 1986 by Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary provides lifelong care for animals rescued from abuse in its New York and California sanctuaries. She is also committed to veganism and legal and political reforms.

Photo credit: Joseph Sohm

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