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Zero-waste living may seem out of reach or complicated, but these vegan instagrammers are breaking down what it means to pursue a sustainable lifestyle while evaluating progress over perfection. With delicious plant-based recipes and environmentally conscious product recommendations, these 20 indispensable reports help make the environmental movement more inclusive and representative.

1. Valeria Hinojosa
Under the name Water Thru Skin, the Bolivia-born, Miami-based, conscious influencer is transparent about the struggles of a socially conscious career. She shares the great inspiration for sustainable fashion, a glimpse into her life as an eco-entrepreneur, and a real conversation about holistic health and wellbeing.

2. Isaias Hernandez
This environmental educator, known on Instagram as @queerbrownvegan, shares informative, social justice-oriented perspectives of the sustainability movement and its guarantee as well as more environmentally friendly product recommendations, the effects of various plant-based foods on sustainability and so on much more.

3. Immy Lucas
This UK-based YouTuber is known for her calm and calming videos and her open-minded way of living without waste. Simple recipes, minimalist fashion, simple eco-swaps, and recommendations for mindful habits that we can all incorporate into our lives for greener and more peaceful lives are good reasons to join.

4th Cindy Villaseñor
The Los Angeles-based gardening educator and influential lifestyle influencer fills her aesthetic account with earth-colored, plant-filled photos, as well as tips on composting, eco-camping gear, delicious plant-based cooking shots and helpful tips to extend the life of clothes (so they don’t end up in landfills !).

5. Sabs Katz
Co-founder of the organization Intersectional environmentalistIn her informative report, the social activist deals with topics such as gun violence and anti-Semitism as well as recommendations for skin care without waste, minimalist fashion, her kombucha brewery trip and light-flooded house plant photos.

6th Max La Manna
This low-waste chef has millions of views of his well-edited cooking videos of recipes for dishes like killer tofu ground beef, super green pasta, and chocolate peanut butter truffles. And with a function Food regeneration from BBC Earth Series and his first cookbook Around the world, La Manna is only just beginning to spread its message of eliminating food waste.

7th Sedona Christina
This Seattle-based YouTuber offers resources on low-waste backpacking and outdoor adventures, the impact social media has on our collective wellbeing, and mindful intent setting.

8th. Shia Su
This Germany-based tiny living enthusiast and author is a real treasure trove of waste-free living resources. From making your own cleansing products to unpackaged skin care and activism against climate change, Su’s contributions inspire and motivate.

9. Jessica Clifton
The Midwestern digital content creator and Tiktokker fills her happy, light-flooded account with snapshots of her plants and cats, budget-friendly tips and tricks, zero-waste self-care swaps and simple, innovative plastic-free home decor hacks.

10. Ashley Renne
This vegan mom and board member of Climate power, an organization that works to hold polluters accountable, addresses issues such as sustainable pregnancy, maintaining healthy postpartum body image, and raising environmentally conscious children. It also breaks down topics related to systemic racism and allies through informative graphics.

11. Madeleine Olivia
With over 500,000 subscribers on YouTube, this author and plant-based chef is making the lavish, vegan life tastier and easier than ever. From soups and stews to hot rolls and energy bars, their simple and healthy recipes will quickly become an integral part of our kitchen.

12th Geevie & Sophia
These environmentally conscious vegan twins and founders of Sustain Yourself Shopare experts in plastic-free and cruelty-free beauty, including alternative menstrual products. Also, look out for recommendations on plants and furniture to make your space greener.

13th Shelbi (@shelbizlee)
This sustainability vlogger and environmental science student deals with topics from renewable energy to being a conscious consumer. At the same time, he deals with topics such as incorporating the online environmental movement into all body types and balancing personal relationships with your trip without waste.

14th Georgette (@sustainablysage)
Do you want to spice up your eco-friendly home? @ Sustainablysage’s Instagram is where it is! From bamboo toilet paper to choosing green mattresses and storing food without plastic to frugal, well-made furniture, this account will help you answer all of the eco home questions you might not even have known about that you have them.

fifteen. Meera Jain
This Canada-based vegan mom and teacher provides helpful resources on building a capsule wardrobe, using leftover food to reduce food waste, doing educational activities for children at home, and simple tips on how to cook at home.

16. Steph Davies
Under the motto “Only be a sustainable girl in an unsustainable world”, Davies fills her food with simple plant-based recipes for seitan, carbonara, fluffy pancakes and warm oatmeal bowls as well as autumn photos made from plastic-free personal care products and her adorable rescue pups.

17th Noa Ben-Moshe
With her sustainable vegan fashion blog from people like Fashion, Cosmopolitan, and Eluxe magazineThe animal rights activist and eco-fashion ambassador is making waves with her effortlessly chic approach to breaking the fast fashion trend. Focusing on workers’ rights and responsibly made garments, Ben-Moshe is making veganism one more glamorous textile after another.

18th Blue ollis
The UK-based blogger promotes and explores conscious living through the lens of veganism, lavish living, mindfulness and holistic wellbeing. Her focus on spiritual wellbeing and how it ties in with a more environmentally conscious approach shows that the more we reconnect with our planet, the more we benefit directly from it.

19th Venetia La Manna
This podcaster, fair fashion activist and co-founder of Remember who made it (a group committed to helping textile workers) focus their report on ethical fashion. From soliciting fast fashion companies to looking over greenwashing practices, La Manna makes sure their eco looks funky, fresh and animal-free.

20th Caroline Ginolfi
This plant-based, nutrition-certified wellness trainer bears the name @plantbasedblonde and fills her gourmet account with homemade, low-waste recipes, tips on how to regrow vegetables from leftovers and roots and looks into her eco-kitchen (from the well-organized refrigerator to her used copper sink ) and much more.

Sarah McLaughlin is the New Products Editor at VegNews Who is always looking for more ways to live a sustainable vegan lifestyle.

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