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Giada De Laurentiis from Food Network includes vegan meat and dairy-free cheese for Italian recipes

Food Network celebrity chef Giada De Laurentiis becomes a fan of using vegan meats and non-dairy cheeses in exchange for animal products in her classic Italian recipes. The cook recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres show to promote their 10th cookbooks Eat better, feel better and share a Bolognese recipe that features them with vegan Beyond Beef instead of traditional meat.

“I had never worked with [Beyond Meat] Before that, I tried a few recipes for this book and found that the [Beyond] Bolognese was really good, ”said the 50-year-old chef. “I was really excited about it.” De Laurentiis then hired DeGeneres to cook the Beyond Beef and said, “They brown it like regular ground beef.” While the recipe in De Laurentiis’ new book calls for milk-based Parmesan, the chef easily swapped the cheese on the show for a vegan version, which DeGeneres generously rubbed onto the vegan Bolognese.

The Food Network chefs say hello to Beyond Meat

De Laurentiis is the latest celebrity chef to use Beyond Meat instead of traditional beef products. In 2019, Fike Food Network chief executive Spike Mendolsohn – also an alum from Bravo Top chef– Was inspired to open the PLNT Burger fast food concept in Maryland after trying a Beyond Burger. The chef has since expanded the concept into a chain that includes seven locations within the Whole Foods Markets in several states. Additional outposts, including stand-alone restaurants, are planned for this year.

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