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Heinz launches Vegan Mayo and Salad Dressing in the UK

Grocery brand Kraft Heinz recently launched vegan versions of their mayonnaise and cream salad (a creamy salad dressing) at retailers across the UK. The new products were first discovered by a blogger at the Tesco grocery chain Vegan Food UK. The new [Seriously] Good Vegan Mayo and Vegan Salad Cream were developed egg-free after extensive research according to information from Kraft Heinz Ireland boss David Adams.

“Veganism is a trend we’re seeing across so many grocery retail categories. It’s driven by vegans and flexitarians who want less meat and a more balanced diet,” said Adams Check out. “These consumers are looking for a wider range of foods and more excitement in categories. Our range of vegan mayonnaise and cream salad will be launched in Ireland in January 2021. The development of this range has been researched extensively as we needed to maintain the same product taste and we are proud to have achieved this. “

In addition to the new spices, Kraft Heinz plans to develop additional products to meet the growing demand for plant-based foods. “Beans are already a vegan product, so we would like to use beans as the basis for a new plant-based range. We are currently working on some ideas and are excited to see the plant-based possibilities. ”

Vegan mayo for everyone
In addition to Heinz, the spice brand Hellmann’s is expanding its vegan options (which currently includes Vegan Mayo) with the launch of the vegan mayonnaise flavors garlic, chipotle and baconnaise in the UK in January.

In the US, Hellmann’s (known as Best Foods in some regions) launched its vegan mayonnaise entitled “Carefully Made Dressing and Sandwich Spread” in 2016.

Photo credit: Vegan Food UK

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