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Jack in the Box is testing its first plant-based beef burger in Phoenix

Jack in the Box is the newest fast food chain getting into plant-based beef for a limited time with its Test of the Impossible Burger at participating locations in Phoenix (where it operates 50 outposts). From now until December 12, 2021, Jack in the Box will be adding the Impossible Burger – the first time the chain has tested a plant-based beef patty – on their Phoenix menu as a substitute for beef in every burger for 1 to Offer $ 1.50 extra. The start of the test makes Jack in the Box the first fast food chain to offer a plant-based patty instead of meat in its core menu.

“We are happy to test the Impossible Burger Patty at our locations in Phoenix. We believe it is important to offer our guests as many choices as possible because Jack in the Box is all about menu variety and satisfying all kinds of cravings, ”said Ryan Ostrom, Chief Marketing Officer of Jack in the Box in a Opinion. “Our consumer insights show that our guests are interested in plant-based alternatives and that we offer them as many opportunities as possible to enjoy our products.”

Jack in the Box relies on plant-based meat

While the Impossible Burger is the first time Jack in the Box has tested plant-based beef on its menu, it isn’t the first time the chain – which operates more than 2,200 restaurants in 21 states and Guam – has tested plant-based beef Meat.


In October 2020, Jack in the Box unveiled the Unchicken Sandwich, its first meatless option, at test locations in Reno, NV and Monterey and Salinas, CA. The sandwich was made with a patty made by Tyson’s own brand, Raised & Rooted. While the Raised & Rooted retail line at the time contained animal products like eggs (which Tyson has since removed from this line), the bespoke patty at Jack in the Box was entirely plant-based. The time-limited sandwich was served with non-vegan mayonnaise, lettuce and tomato on a vegan bun and was available in Spicy and Classic flavors.

While the Unchicken Sandwich Test didn’t result in a national rollout, Jack in the Box was only the second national fast food chain to try vegan chicken on their menu – the first was KFC in a test run of Beyond Fried Chicken that year 2019. Since then, a number of chains have entered the plant-based chicken business, including Burger King, which is currently testing Impossible’s vegan chicken nuggets at locations in Des Moines, IA; Boston, MA; and Miami, Florida.

Fast food chains rely on plant-based foods

Jack in the Box is the latest fast food chain to focus on plant-based meat. In 2019, Burger King was one of the first fast food giants to add the Impossible Burger – which it sells as part of Impossible Whopper – to its national menu. The year before, Carl’s Jr. also added the Beyond Famous Star to its national menu, a meatless burger with a plant-based patty from Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods’ main competitor. From Pizza Hut to Taco Bell to White Castle and beyond, plant-based meat has now permeated almost every corner of the fast food world, including the king of all: McDonald’s.

McDonald’s has been slow to adapt to the plant-based switch, but is currently working on something big. Earlier this year, the chain signed a three-year partnership with Beyond Meat to work on their McPlant platform, which will lead to a series of herbal launches tailored to the tastes and needs of different regions around the world. The partnership has so far resulted in the McPlant burger, which was introduced in European countries, including Austria, Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.


The McPlant also landed at 250 UK locations last week, with a full national rollout planned for next year. In Great Britain, the McPlant offers a Beyond Meat Patty with ketchup, mustard, vegan special sauce, onions, cucumber, lettuce, tomato and vegan cheese on a vegan sesame roll. The McPlant is certified as vegan by the British Vegetarian Society and is also cooked on a separate grill.

On November 3rd, the McPlant will find its way to McDonald’s home for a limited time trial at locations in Irving, TX. Carrollton, Texas; Cedar Falls, IA; Jennings, LA; Lake Charles, LA; Manhattan Beach, California; and El Segundo, CA (Beyond Meat headquarters). While the British version of the McPlant is completely vegan, when it is launched in the US, a McPlant is being tested that is topped with American milk-based cheese and egg-based mayonnaise. In the US test, the vegetarian burger is also cooked on the same grill as meat.

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