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Japanese railroad launches vegan dessert series

On February 25th, the East Japan Railway Company (JR East) will launch a line of plant-based sweets. JR East, which operates trains over a rail network that covers half of Japan’s main island, has partnered with three local candy companies to offer vegan candy at retailers in Tokyo Station. The series is designed to give visitors the chance to sample Japanese sweets and promote the variety of foods in the lead up to the upcoming Tokyo Olympics.

Local vegan sweets
Products that are part of the series include Tokyo Campanella Brown sandwiches with non-dairy chocolate between three butter-free French biscuits; Almond and caramel sandwiches with a caramel and almond filling between cookies with an almond scent; and the Las Olas range, consisting of six different products, including Boule de Rouge biscuits and Matcha green tea biscuits.

The products will include vegan symbols on the packaging to show that the content is plant based, as well as a “Plant Based” logo showing a picture of plants wrapped in two leaves and the words “Japan Quality “Included to identify the product was made in Japan with the highest quality ingredients.

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