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Jimmy Dean markets plant-based sausages that contain protein

This week, sausage giant Jimmy Dean announced the introduction of so-called “vegetable” sausage patties – his first entry into the meatless meat industry. Made from a blend of soy protein and animal protein, the patties are included in two breakfast items: vegetable patty, egg and cheese croissant sandwich, and Jimmy Dean Delight’s plant-based patty frittata sandwich (both contain additional animal products). The croissant sandwich is available now at Sam’s Club, while the frittata sandwich will be available from retailers across the country this spring.

Jimmy Dean, who owns meat giant Tyson Foods, believes the launch of these products will benefit from booming plant-based food sales, which grew 148 percent year-over-year in mid-March 2020. “Plant-based foods are revolutionizing the way people eat on a variety of occasions, including breakfast,” said Scott Glenn, senior director of marketing at Jimmy Dean. “As a leader in protein breakfasts, expanding our portfolio to offer people alternative options was critical. We also had to deliver the same taste and quality with our new sandwiches that people have come to expect from the Jimmy Dean brand, and we are delighted that both our lifelong and new fans can try them. “

Jimmy Dean worked with a group of his long-time customers who provided feedback on the new products to create the “plant-based” patties. “We’re grateful to our loyal Jimmy Dean fans who share our passion for breakfast, and we look forward to introducing new people to the Jimmy Dean brand as we innovate to meet the changing needs of consumers like the plant-based patty breakfast roll, ”Glenn said.

Tyson’s “vegetable” snafus
This isn’t the first time Tyson has misunderstood his messages. In 2019, Tyson launched its first meatless line, Raised & Rooted, with two products: Nuggets Made with Plants and The Blend Burger Patties, which were made primarily from beef and pea protein isolate – a key ingredient in many Vegetable meat products. In late 2020, David Ervin, vice president of alternative protein at Tyson, announced that the Raised & Rooted line would eliminate eggs and discontinue the blended burger to open up to consumers looking for entirely plant-based products.

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