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Kellogg’s new vegan snacks are made by kids for kids

Food giant The Kellogg Company recently launched its first plant-based snack bar, sold by children under the UK brand W.K. Kellogg. The new W.K Kellogg from Kids Bars are available in two flavors (orange & carrot and strawberry, raspberry & beetroot). They’re made from whole grains like oats and don’t contain sugar or artificial flavors. The new vegan snacks are available from the British retailer Morrison. Further launches will be announced.

“So often parents have difficulty choosing healthy snacks for their children. It can be very difficult to find the right balance between something that is tasty and fun for kids, but also nutritious. So we’ve created a product that parents and children will love, ”said Catriona Campbell-Voegt, nutritionist at Kellogg in the UK. W.K. Kellogg from Kids Oaty Bars are an afternoon snack that parents can safely give their children due to their health qualifications. They’re also a fun, tasty product that kids can enjoy. ”

Vegan at Kellogg
In recent years, Kellogg’s has innovated its breakfast and snack menu to be free from animal products and to contain healthy ingredients such as fruit and vegetables. In 2019, Kellogg’s no-sugar cereal debuted under its UK W.K. Kellogg’s brand with a well-known vegan label made from dried apples, raspberries and carrots – the first time in over 110 years Kellogg’s has added vegetables to its breakfast cereal.

In the US, Kellogg’s is fully invested in vegan options under the MorningStar Farms brand. In September 2019, the company launched its vegan Incogmeato line with burger patties, chik’n nuggets, chik’n tenders and plant-based sausages. The company has also partnered with Disney to transform its plant-based chicken nuggets into kid-friendly Mickey Mouse shapes that can be retailed in the freezer across the country.

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