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Kim Kardashian is going (again) herbal after divorce rumors

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian West will be entirely plant-based in January. Kardashian West took to her Instagram Stories this week to announce that she and her sister Khloé are hosting a “Sister Boot Camp” challenge. “Plant-based and two workouts a day for 30 days to get our minds and bodies right this year,” Kardashian said. After Beyond Meat heard the news, it sent Kardashian West a variety of its vegan burgers, meatballs, beef, and sausages. “Somebody heard I went vegetable,” Kardashian West signed a photo of the gift on Instagram. “Thanks @beyondmeat.”

The reality star’s wellness journey began amid rumors that Kardashian West filed for divorce from rapper Kanye West.

Kardashian’s Vegetable Journey
This isn’t the first time the 40-year-old star has pledged to ditch animal products. “I eat everything plant-based when I’m at home,” Kardashian West told millions of Instagram followers in 2019. Shortly thereafter, the star offered fans a peek into her colossal kitchen, pantry and walk-in refrigerator, showing a variety of fruits and vegetables, rows of plant-based milk and a whole freezer full of Beyond Sausages.

Her sister Khloé also set out to throw away meat, an animal product she was disgusted with during her pregnancy in 2018. “Just the sight of [meat] makes me feel sick, ”said Khloé Kardashian. “So I became a bit of a vegetarian during pregnancy, but not by choice. I wonder how I’ll feel about it after I give birth.”

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