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Kim Kardashian just shared her favorite vegan taco recipe

Reality star and business mogul Kim Kardashian West shared the recipe for her favorite vegan tacos during her sister Kourtney Kardashian’s second annual Poosh Your Wellness festival. During the online festival, Kardashian West worked with vegan brand Beyond Meat to create a special cooking demonstration to show viewers how Kim Kardashian West’s plant-based tacos are made – a staple in the Kardashian West household. The vegan tacos are made from spicy Beyond Beef, served in gluten-free almond flour tortillas and topped with vegan violife cheddar cheese, non-dairy sour cream, tomatoes, onions and avocado. While the recipe calls for them, Kardashian West prefers their tacos without the lime or coriander.

“What I really love about Beyond Meat is that it has no cholesterol and a third less saturated fat compared to real meat. So there’s a big difference, ”said Kardashian West, who admitted she’s traveling with a pack of Beyond Meat, during the cooking demonstration. “It’s a plant-based alternative to meat that looks like meat and tastes like meat – I’m such a fan.”

Is Kim Kardashian West Herbal?

Kardashian West has experimented with the plant-based lifestyle for the past several years. During the cooking demonstration, Kardashian West stated that she started eating exclusively plant-based meals in 2019 while dining at home. “I think I saw a documentary,” she said of the start of her vegetable journey. “And I’ve just met chefs who love plant-based cooking and have taught me so much about sea moss and all this amazing food that has really good health benefits.”

Kardashian West stated that while she initially consumed animal products when she ate outside her home, she finally started eating entirely plant-based last year after trying a plant-based dish that impressed her. “Luckily I have the help of great chefs who figured out how to find the things I really love and make a plant-based version of them.” The 40-year-old star said she could still opt for fish if she eats out once a month, but aims for a predominantly plant-based lifestyle and prefers Beyond Meat over meat of animal origin.

She also recalled some recent meals where she set up a Beyond Sausage breakfast bar and served vegan fried chicken (made from mushrooms). “Nobody knew the difference,” she said. “Everyone was thrilled [to the food]. “Regarding their children, Kardashian West said,” I’m trying to get them to eat as much plant-based foods as possible. You really don’t know the difference. “

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