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Meat Giant JBS brings vegan breakfast sausages to market in more than 2,700 Kroger stores

This week, Colorado-based Planterra Foods – owned by Brazilian meat giant JBS – launched its new vegan frozen food line OZO in more than 2,700 Korger stores across the country along with other retailers. The new line includes vegan Smokehouse Burgers and Original Breakfast Sausages. In the coming months, Planterra plans to expand its OZO freezer line to include Italian-style vegetable meatballs and two breaded products: vegetable nuggets and vegetable patties.

“We are very excited to welcome the OZO Frozen Line to our stores,” said Season Lawrence, Category Manager for Packaged Meat at Kroger. “As more consumers seek plant-based options to complement their daily meals, this new line of soy-free products brings exciting new innovations to the frozen aisle and more delicious flavor to the entire OZO product line.”

JBS is vegetable

As part of its first plant-based subsidiary, Planterra Foods, JBS, the world’s largest meat seller, introduced the OZO brand to retailers across the country for the first time last April. The first products on the line included burgers, ground products (in simple and Mexican-flavored flavors) and Italian-style meatballs, all made from a mixture of pea and rice protein fermented with the help of shiitake mushrooms. The line costs between $ 5.99 and $ 7.99 and is packaged in recyclable containers. To promote its vegan meat line, Planterra launched a fleet of delivery trucks across the country to offer one million free samples of individually wrapped vegan OZO burgers.

“OZO continues to expand the plant-based food category by addressing the needs of our customers. The introduction of the OZO frozen food line is just another example of how Planterra is offering more options to easily introduce meat-free options into your eating routines, ”said Darcey Macken, CEO of Planterra Foods. “This year has changed the way many of us enjoy and consume our meals. The OZO expansion to frozen vegetable proteins offers more options for flexible consumption through high-quality foods with positive protein solutions. We remain determined to feed future generations. “

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