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NadaMoo! We just launched a sugar-free vegan ice cream line

This week vegan ice cream brand NadaMoo! launched a new line of ice cream with no added sugar. The new ice cream formulation – like the other offers from NadaMoo! – made on the basis of organic coconut milk. Instead of sugar, however, the ice cream is sweetened with a combination of organic allulose, organic erythritol and a touch of stevia extract. “In recent years, more and more consumers have made long-term health commitments that include reducing sugar and dairy products. We recognize, however, that the craving for the occasional, decadent treat doesn’t stop,” says NadaMoo! President and CEO Daniel Nicholson said. “With this introduction, consumers who are closely monitoring their sugar intake can finally get ice out of the box while pursuing their wellness goals.”

The new sugar-free line from NadaMoo! Is available in simple flavors: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate and mint chip, made from organic vanilla pods, ripe strawberries, organic chocolate or organic peppermint oil. “I’m not saying we got pig flying, but we’re close,” said Nicholson. “Seriously, it can feel quite liberating to be able to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – like ice cream – without being able to bring your luggage back.”

Innovation at NadaMoo!

NadaMoo! Ethical sources for its ingredients, including the coconuts used to make the vegan ice cream, with the aim of reducing the environmental impact of making frozen desserts. Last year NadaMoo! unveiled its “I’m Green” packaging, a 100 percent renewable, sugarcane-based packaging system that is now being used for its entire line of flavors available from retailers across the country and at NadaMoo! Scoop Shop in his hometown of Austin, TX.

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