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New anti-fur campaign with Billie Eilish and Mena Suvari

New anti-fur film Hide with the vegan actress Mena Suvari – from american beauty Fame – and music from vegan pop star Billie Eilish. Set against the backdrop of Elish’s hit “Everything I Wanted,” the short public announcement (PSA) tells the three interconnected stories behind a single fur coat of the trapper catching a fox, the seamstress who sews a coat out of the fur, and a buyer who buys it (played by Suvari). “I’ve always felt so strongly about the need to be more aware of what we wear and what we consider ‘fashionable’,” said Suvari. “There is no need to wear animals, especially fur, so I’m really grateful to be part of this project that is helping to convey such a powerful message that shows how the fur industry is negatively affecting so many. “

Written and directed by Dustin Brown, Hide was created by Fur-free alliance– with support from the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), Four Paws, GAIA and Anima International – with the aim of illustrating the cruelty inherent in exploiting certain fur animals for fashion and loving others. “Hopefully, when Mena Suvari and Billie Eilish put their talents into the anti-fur cause, people will think twice before they buy fur,” said PJ Smith, PSA executive producer and director of fashion at HSUS. “Now that we know that the fur trade is responsible for the spread of COVID-19 and a potential breeding ground for the next pandemic, even Cruella De Vil would take a break.”

Role of fur farms in COVID-19
HideThe release comes in the middle of the impending collapse of the global fur industry. In the past few months, the COVID-19 virus (and mutations of it) has been found on mink fur farms in a number of countries including the Netherlands, Denmark, the US, Canada, Italy, France, Greece and Spain. Both the Netherlands and Denmark killed millions of mink to stop the spread of the mutated COVID-19 virus – which could prove harmful to future vaccines. As a result, several countries – including the Netherlands, Hungary, and France – have banned mink fur farming. With fur suppliers on the decline, Copenhagen Fur – the world’s largest fur auction house – announced in November that it would close within the next two to three years. Large retailers, including Nordstrom and Macy, are also removing fur from their stores.

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