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New job fair helps vegan brands to make their workforce more inclusive

Media and event organization on February 24th Vegan women’s summit (VWS) will host the world’s first virtual job networking event dedicated to vegan employers from around the world. As part of the VWS Connect series of events, leading vegan brands, startups and non-profit organizations such as the vegan cheese brand will be presented at the first job fair Miyoko’s dairy, vegan chicken scoop Rebel foods, Producer of cultured meat SuperMeatand non-profit organization ProVegan. All participating companies have open positions in all departments, including marketing, engineering, science and the legal profession.

Build a diverse workforce

“We are leading the way for a more inclusive and fair future of nutrition. It is no secret that women, especially women of skin color, are still clearly underrepresented in this emerging industry, ”said VWS founder Jennifer Stojkovic. “While our work has only just begun, VWS strives to give everyone access to these high quality, task-oriented jobs. We pride ourselves on working with so many employers from around the world to build this diverse and inclusive workforce. ”

However, participation in the VWS Connect series is free Registration is necessary.

Last year VWS held a Vegan Women Summit, where black vegan activists came together to discuss the intersection between veganism and race, as well as a start-up summit and a pitch competition for plant-based innovations.

Photo credit: Miyoko’s dairy

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