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New Vegan Mushroom Jerky launches in 1,000 stores

March, Eat the jerky mushroom launches in 1,000 retailers across the country. Eat the Change was founded by Seth Goldman, co-founder of Honest Tea and chairman of the board of vegan brand Beyond Meat, and head chef Spike Mendelsohn, renowned restaurateur behind the PLNT burger chain and an advocate for plant-based foods, are greener ways to eat. The company’s first product, Mushroom Jerky, comes in five flavors: sea salt + cracked pepper, hickory smokehouse, maple mustard, habanero grill, and teriyaki ginger. From March 1st, the vegan Jerky will be available in 308 Stop & Shop stores in the Northeast, 157 fresh market locations in the Southeast / Central Atlantic, 71 giant stores and 49 whole food stores in the Central Atlantic as well as 250 independent retailers across the country. Prices start at $ 5.99 for a 2-ounce bag.

“Our goal is to transform the food system by giving people actionable choices that make a difference every day,” said Goldman. “With Eat the Change Mushroom Jerky, we hope our customers will rethink their diet and their relationship with the planet. People are only allowed to vote every two or four years, but we eat three times a day and those choices have an impact. ”

Sustainably grown vegan jerk

Each Change Mushroom Jerky is made from organic portobello and crimini mushrooms sourced from a family farm in Kennett Square, PA, including crushed, oversized, and usually discarded stems that normally don’t make it onto store shelves. The mushrooms are marinated in a hearty blend of spices and smoked with fallen sprigs of hickory to mimic the smoky flavors of traditional dried meat.

“Mushrooms were not only one of the most sustainable crops, but also a natural choice for our first product as they are a great canvas to showcase the incredible variety of flavors and ingredients our planet has to offer,” said Mendelsohn. “We wanted to bring a product to market that was not only good for you, but also really tasty. Through the meatiness of our mushrooms and the use of flavors like whole mustard seeds, maple syrup, and turmeric, we want to broaden the definition of what can be jerky. “

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