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New Zealand gets its first vegan milk factory

New Zealand’s first plant-based milk factory is about to be built in the country’s Southland region. NZ Functional Foods Ltd. – a new company founded by the Great South regional development agency – plans to build a climate neutral plant-based food processing factory to produce products from the country’s viable crops such as oats, hemp and peas. The first product made is oat milk. Great South has been working on alternative ways to support the region’s economy. Currently, oats are grown for the country’s first indigenous brand of oat milk. Otis oat milk, are grown and ground in the region and then sent to a factory in Sweden to be converted into milk before being returned to New Zealand.

Oat milk from our own cultivation
“Great South has been working on the potential of oats as a product for some time to help diversify the Southland economy,” said Ian Collie, Chairman of Great South. “We are very pleased with the potential this project represents for investors, potential suppliers and ultimately a rapidly growing national and international customer base.”

Great South hopes that the development of the oat industry will create competitive and sustainable land use options for farmers in Southland, create more jobs and diversify the Southland economy. The company NZ Functional Foods is currently looking for interested investors.

Photo credit: Otis oat milk

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