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NYC now has a vegan and cruelty-free brow bar

New York City eyebrow ridge Boom Boom Brow Bar It recently became the first vegan and cruelty-free forehead bar in town. The walk-in bar, which just celebrated its 13th anniversary, offers services such as brown molding, waxing, tweezers and tinting, as well as eyelash tinting and lamination. Malynda Vigliotti, owner of Boom Boom Brow Bar – also known as “Boom Boom” – wanted to promote clean beauty after diagnosing Graves’ disease and thyroid disease, which required five corrective eye surgeries. In her experience, she wanted to be sure that whatever she put on and around her and her clients’ eyes was as clean as possible, as cosmetic products used on or around the eye orbital are absorbed into the skin.

“We wear masks indefinitely, so we only see the eyes. Without being able to register a smile, brows are the only other feature on our face that conveys an expression,” said Vigliotti. “Being able to create beautiful brows with clean products is just better for everyone and the right thing. “

How to get vegan brows

Brewing products like pencils and gels can contain a number of animal products, including beeswax, gelatin, and lanolin (a secretion from wool-bearing animals like sheep). Although Boom Boom Brow Bar products have always been cruelty free and the lightning wax used to remove hair has always been vegan, Vigliotti gave the time to refocus and switch to 100 percent vegan and cruelty. free products. Vigliotti recently launched their own retail line of vegan and cruelty-free eyebrow products, including Boom Boom Micro Precision Pens, Brown Balm, Tinted Eyebrow Gel, Eyebrow Brushes, and Lightning Wax.

The next step for Boom is sustainable packaging. “We don’t have an overpack, so we reduce waste this way, but we want our tubes and applicators to be recyclable too,” Vigliotti told VegNews.

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