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Oatly’s first UK factory producing 300 million liters of non-dairy milk a year

Swedish brand in 2023 oats will open its first non-dairy milk factory in the UK. Once opened, the Peterborough factory will be able to produce 300 million liters of oat milk a year. Oatly’s goal with the factory is to meet growing consumer demand for plant-based products through sustainable production practices while encouraging a move away from dairy products. “Questions have been circulating about a potential UK factory for some time and we are very excited to finally announce the news of its arrival in 2023,” said Ishen Paran, General Manager, Oatly UK. “The UK is a really important driver of the global plant-based movement with a growing demand for oatly across the country and we look forward to meeting that increased demand.”

For its operations in the region, Oatly will source oats locally in the UK and distribute its oat milk in the UK market to reduce its environmental footprint. The factory will also create at least 200 jobs in the area and have the capacity to grow production to 450 million liters per year. This makes it one of the largest vegetable milk factories in the world.

Ecological footprint of oats compared to cow’s milk

Overall, the environmental impact of the production of plant-based milk is much lower than that of dairy products of animal origin. According to the data source CarbonCloud, Oatly’s Barista Edition Oat Drink produces around 70 percent less carbon dioxide than British cow’s milk. Since its inception more than 25 years ago, Oatly has been committed to implementing additional environmentally friendly practices.

In its new factory, Oatly aims to use 100 percent renewable energy while reducing energy use, water use and waste by 75 percent each by 2029, compared to Oatly’s environmental footprint in 2019. “We look forward to energizing the UK provide more oat drink [milk]- We are even more excited to do this in a sustainable way, ”said Johan Rabe, Chief Supply Chain Officer. “Like everything we do at Oatly, we made sure that sustainability is a core part of our factory planning. From the procurement of our oats to the manufacture of our product range specially developed for people, sustainability is the focus. Even as we strive to grow one of the largest vegetable dairies to full capacity, this will continue to be our top priority. “

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