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Olympic Committee urged to stop advertising the dairy industry

This week, a letter urging the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee (USOPC) to stop promoting dairy products to athletes was printed as a full-page advertisement in three daily newspapers in areas where USOPC training facilities are located. Written by vegan activist and cycling champion Dotsie Bausch – silver medalist for Team USA at the London 2012 Olympics and founder of nonprofit organizations Switch4Good– The letter notes that USOPC, despite its commitment to supporting athletes and promoting optimal health, counted the tobacco industry as a sponsor in the 1980s. After the organization cut ties with major tobacco, Bausch urges USOPC to drop the dairy as a sponsor in order to better serve the athletes. “As an organization that promises in its charter to protect and promote the wellbeing of its athletes and to stand up for the integrity of the sport, USOPC has again failed to do the right thing,” said Bausch. “The promotion of unhealthy cow’s milk by Team USA athletes and the general public is unacceptable and is another example of the willful disregard for the wellbeing of the USOPC to which it is entrusted.”

Bausch’s letter follows a similar request, signed by nine Olympic and Paralympic medalists sent to USOPC in October, which the organization dismissed.

Dairy products are bad for the body

In her letter, Bausch points out the harmful effects of dairy products on health and athletic performance, such as: B. Narrowing blood vessels and slowing blood flow to muscles, promoting inflammation, reducing lung function and being linked to breast cancer. Bausch also points out that 65 percent of Americans are lactose intolerant, a percentage that climbs up to 95 percent for BIPOC, putting black and tan communities at greater risk of suffering from the debilitating symptoms associated with milk consumption be evoked.

This new campaign follows a series of actions by Switch4Good over the years to call for USOPC to sever ties with the dairy industry. In 2018, Switch4Good debuted in a commercial with six Olympians discussing the health effects of dairy products, which aired during the 2018 Olympics closing ceremonies. However, it was removed from the air before reaching the west coast following complaints from USOPC and the dairy industry.

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