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Oreos just launched a salted caramel brownie flavor and it’s still accidentally vegan

Nabisco has launched another oreo cookie flavor, and just like the original, the new Salted Caramel Brownie Oreo is accidentally vegan. The limited batch contains the iconic Oreo chocolate waffle biscuits, which are folded with two layers of flavored creams and sprinkled with salt. Both the caramel and brownie cream filling are vegan. These new Oreos will be rolled out to stores continuously in July. Soon, customers will be able to find them anywhere Oreos are sold – from supermarkets to gas stations.


How are Oreos vegan?

The fact that America’s favorite cookie is vegan is the worst-kept secret among the plant-based people. It’s the first thing people find out after choosing to go vegan. Since 1997, when the Schmalz brand removed from their recipe, Oreos have become a vegan staple, similar to french fries or a simple salad when there is no other option while eating. However, the fact that Oreos are accidentally vegan is a bit of a juxtaposition, especially when you consider the creams element. The key here is in the spelling: cream, not cream. The FDA prohibits food companies from labeling their products as “cream” if they do not contain dairy products. The sweet heart of an Oreo is completely dairy-free; therefore it is cream.

In order to extend the shelf life, Nabisco does not use milk ingredients in the cream and biscuit recipes. Instead, the filling is made with sugar, high fructose corn syrup, palm and / or rapeseed oil, soy lecithin, food coloring, and non-animal artificial flavors. While it’s not a healthy food, the ingredients that make up this classic biscuit are completely free of any animal-based ingredients. However, Oreos are made in facilities that process milk ingredients, and cross-contamination is something some vegans consider.

Between double-stuffed, carrot cake, mint, golden and other creations, more than 85 oreo flavors have hit the market since the introduction of the cookie in 1912. Although many are vegan-friendly, checking ingredients for stray animals is always recommended. For example, the upcoming Apple Cider Donut Oreos contain honey.


More limited edition vegan oreo

The sweet and salty Salted Caramel Brownie Oreo is just one of the new flavors arriving this summer. To celebrate the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Team USA brand launched Family Size Oreos. While the taste is the same as the original, these chocolate waffle cookies are stamped with the American flag and Olympic rings. Each super filled biscuit is wrapped up with three layers of colored cream filling – red, white, and blue.

In December 2020, Oreo started a special collaboration with Lady Gaga. The entertainer’s limited edition Chromatica Oreos contained a vegan-friendly, golden wafer biscuit that was colored hot pink and accented with light green cream. Like many of the Oreo versions that have come and gone, Chromatica Oreos are no longer in production.

Accidentally vegan cookies

Oreos are just one of many accidentally vegan cookies that consumers can find on most supermarket shelves. Big brands like Biscoff, Nutter Butters, Fig Newtons, Nabisco Original Graham Crackers, Trader Joe’s JoeJoe’s, and several flavors of Girl Scout Cookies are naturally animal-free.

Adjacent to the biscuit aisle, vegans will find several cruelty-free options along the baking shelves. Like Oreos, many commercial icing frostings do not contain dairy products, eggs, or lard. Betty Crocker’s Rich & Creamy Vanilla, Pilsbury’s Funfetti Vanilla Flavored Frosting and Duncan Hines Creamy Chocolate Frosting are vegan among many others. Similarly, packaged cake mixes are typically vegan, although a vegan egg substitute is often required to prepare the cake.

For more accidentally vegan finds in the supermarket, check out the VegNews Guide: 17 Things Already In Your Shopping Cart That You Didn’t Know Was Vegan.

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