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Pamela Anderson urges Piers Morgan to go vegan for better sex

Actress and vegan activist Pamela Anderson recently appeared on the UK television show Good morning Great Britain (GMB) to defend their claim that vegans have better sex. Anderson was asked by GMB host Piers Morgan to defend her claim after her tweeted: “Vegans are better lovers. The cholesterol in meat, eggs, and dairy products hardens your arteries (and not much else). It slows blood flow to all organs in the body, not just the heart. You can improve your overall health and increase your bedroom stamina by going vegan. “

When Piers first saw the tweet, he was answered: “Do you want to test this theory?” and then invited Anderson to the show. “There’s a lot of research into that,” said Anderson said on GMB. “Even more fun things happen when you sleep … you are the perfect candidate for veganism.” Piers replied, “I think it’s a very important debate. My question is, is your claim that vegans really have better sex lives than meat eaters?” And Anderson replied, “I’m vegan. I’m pretty confident in that statement. “When asked if her sex life improved after she stopped eating meat, she said,” Yeah, definitely, but I always had a lot of fun in this department. “Piers then railed that vegans drank almond milk and said, that “billions of bees are slaughtered to make almonds.” Anderson replied, “I think we have a weakness.”

Attack veganism
Morgan has a story where he beat up vegan food and the vegan lifestyle. In 2019, Morgan went to Twitter to show dismay when the British supermarket Greggs launched its vegan sausage rolls and tweeted: “Nobody has been waiting for a vegan bloody sausage, you PC-ravaged clowns.” The criticism made the new product well known which helped increase Greggs’ profits by 58 percent in 2019 – which resulted in company-wide bonuses and the development of new vegan products.

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