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Planta expands Vegan Empire to its 7th location in Florida

Upscale vegan restaurant chain this month Planta expands to West Palm Beach, FL. For the new 200-seat restaurant, Planta’s co-founder and chef David Lee has put together a menu with dishes such as coconut ceviche, seaweed caesar, steamed dumplings, bang bang broccoli, udon noodles, eggplant lasagna, Planta’s signature burger and a selection of pizzas, including Shroomami and Bianca. In addition, Planta West Palm Beach has a sushi bar where customers can order a variety of sushi and nigiri made from plant-based ingredients such as dehydrated watermelon, which acts as fatty tuna.

“We’re excited to bring Planta to West Palm Beach and continue to break the mold of the upscale dining experience with a plant-based menu,” said Steven Salm, Founder and CEO of Planta Restaurants. “Plant-based eating is the future, and Planta leads the way with our inventive approaches to every type of dish you can imagine. The growth of our restaurant group while reducing the carbon footprint of our guests is exactly what the world needs right now. ”

Plantas vegetable kingdom

The Planta West Palm Beach is the seventh restaurant of the Planta Restaurant after the success of Planta Queen Coconut Grove and Planta South Beach in Florida and Planta Yorkville, Planta Burger, Planta Queen and Planta Cocina in Toronto. In November 2020, the company introduced Planta at Home and shipped its favorites nationwide to the USA and Canada. Planta plans to open additional locations in Bethesda, MD and New York City after debuting in West Palm Beach.

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