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Senator Cory Booker confirms girlfriend Rosario Dawson is a vegan

Actress and social justice activist Rosario Dawson is officially vegan, according to her boyfriend, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker. In 2019, Dawson announced that she was beginning to transition to a plant-based, mostly raw diet to help manage stress and care for herself. Dawson and Booker, who went vegan in 2014, have been together for several years and the couple recently started living together.

“She came to [veganism] alone, which is great because we worked a lot more cooking together during the COVID era, ”said Booker People. The couple are removing processed foods from their diet and experimenting with new tools and meals in the kitchen. “She literally bought a food processor, a Cuisinart thing, for our kitchen yesterday,” Booker said. “So I’m excited to expand my ability to prepare delicious, healthy, plant-based whole foods at home.”

Dawson made her feature film debut as a cult classic in 1995 children and has since appeared in a variety of films, animated series, and television shows. Dawnson currently serves as a judge on reality series with extreme talent Go-Big Show– which debuted on TBS in January.

Dawson and Booker’s Climate Activism

Earlier this year, the 41-year-old actress appeared in the educational version of the documentary about climate change Kiss the ground This is narrated by vegan actor Woody Harrelson and includes other big names like actors Ian Somerhalder, Patricia Arquette, David Arquette, model Gisele Bündchen and musician Jason Mraz. “I have a feeling something is coming in this country and this incredible film is such a powerful contribution,” said Booker Kiss the ground. “I just think this is a time when we all have the power to choose now, to give up and accept things for the way they are, or to be part of the way things can, should, and be have to.”

In February, Booker was appointed to the Senate’s Agriculture Committee, becoming the first vegan Senator to serve on the committee. In addition to his commitment to veganism, the 51-year-old senator is a long-time advocate of reforming agricultural systems, especially factory farming, to create a more equitable food system for people and animals. In 2019, Booker proposed the Farm System Reform Act (FSRA), an act to convert livestock farming from factory farming that has since been endorsed by other members of Congress, including Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and House Representative Ro Khanna ( D-CA).

“We are a nation that must lead with love, and the way we live now is a violation of love for one another, for our environment, for those who often fight in the shadows – be it the farmer or theirs loses Because of the concentration of businesses down to the consumers struggling with sickness and sickness, this is completely preventable, ”said Booker. “I will do everything I can with every fiber of my being to heal this broken system.”

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