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So Delicious is partnering with Ayesha Curry to make their recipes dairy free

Vegan brand So Delicious Dairy Free and The New York Times Best-selling cookbook author Ayesha Curry – wife of NBA star Stephen Curry – recently launched a new campaign to promote vegan cheese. Curry and So Delicious created dairy-free versions of the author’s most popular recipes, including Butternut Squash Cheesy Mac with Edamame, The Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and (non-vegan) Chicken Parm Burger, using So Delicious vegan cheeses that both the brand and the Branded Curry will advertise on their social media channels to encourage others to replace dairy products with vegan alternatives.

“I firmly believe in eating mindfully without depriving myself of the things you like to eat. Reaching more plant-based ingredients is a trick that I know will help me do my best,” said Curry. “Cheese is a staple in so many of my favorite recipes, and So Delicious Dairy Free Cheese Alternatives are the perfect swap. You’ll see what I mean when you try them for yourself.”

So Delicious’ new vegan cheese

Earlier this month, So Delicious launched a new line of vegan cheeses, including schnitzels, slices and spreads. Delicious schnitzels and slices are now available in the cool aisle in grocery stores across the country, including Target, Walmart, HEB, Hy-Vee, Hannaford, Marktkorb, Fresh Thyme and Stop & Shop. The reformulated shreds are available in three styles (Cheddar, Mexican, and Mozzarella) and the slices are available in American and Cheddar styles. The latest addition to the range, Cream Cheese Style Spreads, will be available in retail stores across the country next month in Creamy Original and Chive & Onion flavors.

“Flexitarians are very skeptical that plant-based cheese alternatives cannot compete with dairy products in terms of taste and texture,” said Virginia Kelly, So Delicious senior director of marketing. “So Delicious is excited to address these concerns and break new ground with our new range of non-dairy cheese alternatives. Whether you’re melting cheddar slices in a sticky grilled cheese or sprinkling Mexican shreds on a quesadilla, they taste so amazing that you’ll change your mind about what plant-based cheese alternatives can do. “

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