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The 16 Best TikTok Recipes and How to Make Them Vegan

We were all forced to get creative during the pandemic (which we fully acknowledge is still ongoing). Many of us withdrew from the outside world and continued to dive into our screens, hungry for interaction and inspiration wherever we could get it. TikTok delivered what we longed for in the form of edible food creations that were actually reproducible at home. So we tracked down and veganized the tastiest and most accessible TikTok food trends. Add these vegan recipes from dessert muesli to whipped coffee to your “must-make” list.

1. Dalgona coffee

This caffeinated trend, also known as “whipped coffee,” started early last year. Note: This isn’t technically new – it was popularized via a South Korean television show in January 2020, but variations of instant whipped coffee and sugar have been found in India, Greece, Libya, and other countries for decades. To do this at home, simply beat two tablespoons of instant coffee, two tablespoons of hot water, and one tablespoon of granulated sugar together until the mixture becomes light and fluffy (watch out for stiff tips). A hand mixer makes this whipping process infinitely easier than using an arm powered whisk. Top your fluffy coffee with chilled or steamed milk and drink slowly.

2. Pancake cereal

Do you have a lot of time? Making pancake muesli. It is literally what it sounds like. You make enough small, quarter-sized pancakes to fill a cereal bowl, then pour them into the non-dairy milk of your choice. No special recipe required – your favorite pancake recipe or even a simple mix will do. Our favorite? These fluffy vegan oat milk pancakes. As for mix-ins, mini chocolate chips work, but avoid ingredients like blueberries or sliced ​​bananas as they are too big for those tiny hotcakes. Pro tip: a squeeze bottle and frying pan let the process fly by.

3. Feta noodles

As with Dalalgona coffee, this trend is nothing new. However, TikTok did its thing and made the masses aware of this regional Scandinavian dish. It’s essentially a baked pan sauce made from spiced roasted cherry tomatoes and a block of feta. The tomatoes and cheese disintegrate during baking and make a creamy one-pot sauce that goes well with any shape of pasta. To veganize, follow any TikTok feta pasta video and replace a block of non-dairy feta, such as: violence– or check out our vegan-as-is version on ours VegNews Instagram feed. For a healthier diet, try hummus instead of feta.


4. Ice bread

Lizzo introduced us first about this cute creation, but apparently it wasn’t the first. To make this in your own kitchen, melt a pint of your favorite vegan ice cream and mix it with 1¼ cups of self-rising flour. Yes it is (unless you want to add sprinkles, which of course are always welcome). Bake at 350 degrees until an inserted toothpick comes out clean and cool, if you have the patience.

5. Banana bread

We hoarded bananas like hoarded toilet paper to make and remake this humble quick bread. We don’t know why there were trends. We just know that once the lockdown occurred, something was triggered within all of us. As the pandemic progressed, we switched from homemade recipes to vegan-friendly mixes. We’re pretty sure this trend will never go out of style. Banana bread, always!

6. Tortilla Wrap Hack

This edible origami trend reinforced what we already knew: place, place, place. This hack cuts a tortilla into quadrants because the traditional way of stacking ingredients when wrapping was clearly wrong! Check this comprehensive tutorial by Simnett Nutrition for a vegan version of the trend in four delicious ways.

7. Cream cheese and peppers

We can’t prove it, but we’re pretty sure vegans came up with this simple snack combo even before it debuted on TikTok. In its purest form, this snack comes together by slurrying cream cheese on slices of mini peppers. This base has room for endless amounts of extras, although the popular topping is all bagel seasoning. The result is crispy, creamy, cool and flavorful. Veganize it with your favorite plant-based cream cheese like Miyoko, Tofutti or Kite Hill.


8. Tiny donut granola

There are mini donuts and then there are granola donuts. This is definitely a dessert granola and it is certainly time consuming. However, some people find the process of meditating on a tiny donut to be meditative. Check out this recipe to try out the trend Alchemy eats.

9. Peanut butter bread without yeast

Desperate times require creative solutions. This is where this yeast-free fast bread comes in. When the shelves were searched for yeast during the first few months of the crazy bread-making, TikTokers circumvented the shortage and brought that nut back from the Depression Bread Base. It’s a one-bowl mix that combines flour, sugar, salt, baking soda, non-dairy milk, and peanut butter. The result is fluffy, somewhat dense, and absolutely peanut buttery. See Food Network Celebrity Jeff Mauro Add a few mix-ins – just ditch the peanut butter chips and swap in non-dairy milk to veganize his recipe.

10. Cucumber juice salad dressing

Unless you’re a die-hard cucumber, your initial reaction can be uncomfortably visceral. However, we ask you to try this. It’s more than just cucumber juice poured onto lettuce – it’s cucumber juice and hummus. The salt solution dilutes hummus and makes a pourable, flavorful, earthy, and nutty topper that goes well with virtually any salad. Pro tip: Aim for a three-to-one ratio of hummus to cucumber juice.

11. Carrot bacon

As the second largest TikTok creator in 2020, vegan influencer and actress Tabitha Brown has gone viral on more than a few videos, but she is Carrot and Bacon Tutorial that wins hearts again and again. Lesson Learned: With the right condiments and a few drops of liquid smoke, you can make bacon out of almost anything.


12. Mug cake

Bakers may shy away from the prospect of microwaveable cakes, but these instant desserts have their place during a pandemic. They’re convenient, portioned, and actually pretty good. look at that Two minute vegan cup cake recipe by Audrey Dunham. It’s a one-cup miracle that will never let you down at the end of a tough day.

13. Granola

Dessert granola was definitely a topic in 2020. This biscuit version is just another iteration of making something super tiny and pouring it into non-dairy milk. It’s like Cookie Crisp, but much better. Spend an afternoon making doll-sized cookies and freeze the rest for mini-cookies when the craving calls for them. Check This vegan recipe from No Cilantro Life to get started.

14. Homemade hazelnut spread

Vegans have been making their own Nutella for years, but the developers at TikTok really got into it over the past year. We’re not going to sugar-coat it – frying and skinning hazelnuts is a bit of a pain – but we’re going to put up a lot for a jar of vegan Nutella. consequences this recipe by The Minimalist Baker for a four-ingredient solution for chocolate-hazelnut goodness.

15. Hot chocolate bombs

It is very satisfying to watch a chocolate ball dissolve into steaming plant milk. We could be mesmerized for hours by those sugary explosions of chocolate and marshmallows. To make your own you will need one Silicone hemispherical shape However, on top of the ingredients, it’s a small investment (around $ 4) that pays off every time you watch this magical reaction between chocolate and hot plant milk. Check The video of the vegan rhino to learn how to make your own.


16. Lizzo’s vegan eats

2020 is the year Lizzo went vegan, and she got her 12.8 million followers on the idea by regularly posting vegan recipe tutorials for her daily eating habits. From her flavored vegan version of McDonald’s McChicken sandwich to plant-based Jamaican patties, the singer is a watch for your next dinner idea.

Tanya Flink is a digital editor at VegNews as well as a writer and fitness enthusiast who lives in Orange County, CA.

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