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The 30 Best Vegan Yogurts You Must Try: Definitive Guide

The dairy-free industry has come a long way since the dawn of lean, flowing options. Thanks to decadent plant-based cheeses and frothy nut milk, milk alternatives take over the cooling sections of all large supermarkets. But what’s our preferred dairy-free option? Dreamy, vegan yogurt. These 30 healthy options are luscious, probiotic-packed, and ready to morph into smoothies, breakfast bowls, and more.

1. Kite Hill
With an incredibly creamy almond milk base in Greek and regular varieties as well as a dessert-inspired Blissful line with a smooth coconut milk base, the dairy-free offers of this vegan brand ensure a good start to the day.

2. Daiya Foods
These fruity cups with probiotic packaging are made from coconut cream and lightly sweetened with pure cane sugar. They contain 50 percent less sugar per serving than the average dairy-free brand. Choose between blueberry, strawberry, black cherry, vanilla pod, natural and peach flavors for your morning bite.

3. Forager project
Cashew nuts form the basis of these smooth milk alternatives from this brand for milk alternatives. Opt for the Greek line with an extra protein boost made from pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds, and brown rice, or swap them out and grab one of the brand’s drinkable kefir yogurts in strawberry, blueberry, mango, or blackberry flavors.

4. Siggis
Made from a subtly sweet blend of coconut, macadamia, and pea protein, this plant-based line from the popular Icelandic-inspired food company is available in both cups and drinkable forms.

5. Follow your heart
With 10 different flavors, including strawberry rhubarb and key lime, these coconut-based yogurts are perfect for coating parfaits with crispy muesli, fresh berries and roasted cocoa nibs.

6. Anitas yogurt
Fair, commercially available, thick coconut cream and organic coconut water form the basis of this vegan yogurt in small quantities. Each serving contains over 300 billion live probiotic cultures, and every scoop is filled with irresistible, benevolent health.

7. The coconut cult
This thick, spoonable vegan yogurt is made from organic coconut cream, coconut meat and coconut water and is lightly sweetened with coconut nectar. It’s absolutely delicious. Add scoops to your green smoothies or browse the coffee-infused flavor of Coffee is My Boyfriend.

8. Chobani
Choose from oat and coconut based options with billions of probiotics and a dash of vegan protein from this popular yogurt company. The dairy-free spoons are a great addition when tossed in smoothie bowls, layered in parfaits, or spooned onto a hearty bowl of oats.

9. Lavva
This dairy-free yogurt is made from pili nuts, the lowest carbohydrate nut in the world, and mixed with prebiotic plantains, silky coconut and cassava. It contains no added sugar and is paleo-friendly. We love to coat the mango flavor with fresh, chopped mangoes, roasted coconut, and a pinch of vanilla granola.

10. Earth grown
The supermarket chain Aldi has gotten into the dairy-free yogurt game with its own homemade Earth Grown variety. These affordable cups are made from organic coconut and sold in the cooling section. They are sure to become a staple for food.

11. Harmless harvest
Each of these flavorful cups starts with hand-scooped organic coconut meat from organic farming. Harmless Harvest offers a lower carbon alternative by partnering with farms that use sustainable growing and harvesting methods.

12. Culina
Super thick, artisanal fermented coconut yogurts with billions of stomach-friendly probiotics in flavors like strawberry rose, bourbon vanilla, peach cashew butter, and sour cherry almond make this an instant winner in our books. They can be layered in aesthetic breakfast bowls that your Instagram feed practically asks for.

13. Nancys
Available in imaginative flavors like Cold Brew Vanilla, Apple Cinnamon, and Passion Fruit Banana, these oat milk based yogurt pots are great for take away breakfast on busy weekdays.

14. So delicious
With long-standing varieties based on oats and coconut, this long-standing vegan brand strengthens the yogurt game. The range of flip-cup yogurt pairings in flavors like key lime with graham crackers and vegan white chocolate and salted caramel clusters with caramel pretzels and dark chocolate pieces make snack time especially decadent. Yogurt pot flavors like Spiced Pear & Fig, Pineapple Brulee, and Strawberry Rhubarb are just another reason to be a fan.

15. GTs Cocoyo
Each satisfying spoonful of this unsweetened non-dairy yogurt is made from raw, young coconuts and is filled with billions of live probiotics that can support a healthy gut. And the cocoa variety is healthy enough to start the day with – even if it tastes like an incredibly decadent dessert.

16. Silk
Almond, oat and soy based options of this brand for dairy alternatives, available in over 20 different flavors, are available at most major supermarket chains. Their unsweetened natural yogurt is an absolute must for hearty cuisine and offers that classic, tangy taste.

17. The cooperation
These coconut-based fruit-based yogurt pots make for a delicious, sweet snack. Opt for raspberry and hibiscus or mango and passion fruit for a tropical flavor. Spoons of the rich coconut base and the fruity compote make a winning combination.

18. Oui from Yoplait
One of the oldest yogurt companies in the country got into the vegan yogurt train with a French variety with a coconut-based fruit jar and fruit on the floor. With every spoonful of coconut flavor, we feel very elegant!

19. Cocojune
Made with organic coconut and spring water, these yogurts have a mild, classic taste and well-researched probiotic cultures that really take advantage of the gut benefits. Reach for the lemon and elderflower flavor, which is a little bit sour, a little sweet and totally dreamy.

20. Trader Joe’s brand
This millennial favorite grocery chain even has its own brand of vegan yogurt. Both almond and cashew bases are great for fresh fruit and granolas. We can’t get enough of the fresh strawberry flavor in the cashew-based cups.

21. Oats
This oatgurt falls somewhere between a really thick Greek yogurt and a thinner European style yogurt. Enjoy it with cereal or berries or in a smoothie and browse this dairy-free oat-based goodness from this popular Swedish oat milk company.

22. Halsa Foods
Whole grain oats, grown without a water mark, form the basis of this Scandinavian style yogurt. The addition of organic fruits and berries is the only added sugar you will find in these yogurt pints. If fruit isn’t your thing, reach for the unsweetened plain yogurt.

23. Dahlicious
This slowly cultivated Indian-style yogurt contains both almond and almond-oat-coconut bases with no added sugar and is filled with 50 billion probiotics. Flavors such as mango chili, cherry vanilla and field strawberry taste straight out of the box or are layered in a nutritious breakfast bowl.

24. Whole Foods 365 brand
Like other large grocery chains, Whole Foods has jumped on the non-dairy cart. The almond milk-based yogurt cups are available in all classic flavors and are located among the other yogurts in the cooling area.

25. Almond breeze
Made from Blue Diamond, California almonds, and made with real fruit, this brand’s fruit is coated with rich, non-dairy yogurt on top and strawberry, peach, cherries, and blueberries on the bottom.

26. Le Grand
The non-dairy yogurts from this Canadian brand are made from cashew nuts, rice and coconut cream and flavored with whole-food ingredients such as real vanilla pods, coffee beans, whole fruits and fresh lemon for a bright taste boost.

27. Ayo
These organic yogurt pots are made from California almonds that come straight from the family’s own farm. They are available in four classic flavors: blueberry, strawberry, vanilla and peach. These kid-friendly snacks are naturally colored and fortified with vegan active cultures. They are perfect for a lunch break.

28. Coyo
This velvety smooth, dairy-free alternative is handcrafted from the pressed pulp of the coconut and is a consumer favorite. Treat yourself to the tropical-inspired mango or the dessert-ready chocolate yogurt for a slightly sweetened pleasure.

29. Wegman’s brand
This grocery chain’s giant tubs of affordable almond milk-based yogurt are what we have in store for healthy snacks and treats all week. One scoop in our smoothies adds a dose of protein, probiotics and a wonderfully luscious texture.

30. Califia Farms
In exchange for other brands on this list, Califia Farms offers pure drinkable yogurt, which ranges from an unsweetened simple taste (perfect for cooking!) To child-friendly drinks in individual sizes in peach, superberry, strawberry and mango flavors.

Sarah McLaughlin is the new products editor at VegNews and has tried more vegan yogurts than she can count.

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