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The growth in sales at the Vegan Butcher Shop rose by almost 600 percent

Vegan company based in Canada The very good butchers (VGB) is on a massive growth path. In November 2020, VGB recorded an increase in sales of 582 percent – due to an increase in orders of 1,686 percent compared to the previous year in November – compared to the previous year’s sales. “Our ecommerce sales went pretty much over the top during COVID-19, and then our grocery retail sales also saw very strong sales [increase] When people stock up, they cook more at home, ”said Mitchell Scott, CEO of VGB Benzinga.

The butchers go public
The company started as a local vegan meat supplier in 2016 and has grown rapidly to sell its plant-based burgers, hot dogs, pepperoni, bacon, steaks and more through various Canadian retail stores as well as its own butcher shop. In June, VGB’s parent company, The Very Good Food Company Inc., began trading on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker “SEHR”. Within a few days, the stock rose 800 percent. In November, the company’s stock was offered for sale to Americans on the OTCQB market (ticker VRYYF) – a risk market operated by the OTC Markets Group and designed for early-stage and development of US and international companies .

VGB in the USA
With the $ 8.5 million it received during its oversubscribed IPO, the company is expanding its Vancouver facility to grow the product from £ 8,100 to £ 19,800 of vegan meat per week. The company is preparing to expand its operations to serve US customers. VGB recently teamed up with three new logistics partners who will enable the company to deliver its products to customers across North America by ground transport within three days.

The butchers give back
Last month, the VGB asked fans to nominate a “very good person” in order to receive a variety of prizes, including one year’s vegan meat as the main prize. During the month of November, VGB received 28,293 nominations and announced three winners on December 1: Washington-based long-time vegan Charlotte; British Columbia-based vegan activist Veronica; and Scott, of Maine, who quit a full-time job earlier this year building a COVID-19 field hospital to help people in need. “It is our real pleasure to reward these three very good people, and we appreciate and thank each of the thousands and thousands of other nominees out there doing good,” said Scott. “As we recognize those who serve others and make the world brighter in difficult times, we remind ourselves that we all have the ability to do good – and a plant-based diet is one way to start.”

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