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The iconic vegan chicken brand comes to Costco

Vegan brand on April 5th Daring foods will launch its plant-based chicken in Costco locations in Los Angeles, California and Hawaii, marking its first expansion into club stores. Made with water, soy protein, sunflower oil and spices, the brand’s original chicken cuts mimic both the taste and texture of traditional chicken without the need to slaughter animals. At Costco, Daring’s Chicken will be available in an exclusive 24-ounce pack for $ 12.99 – a significant price reduction compared to its 8-ounce pack that sells elsewhere for a suggested retail price of $ 7.99.

Daring Foods’ mission is simple: to end the slaughter of chickens for food by providing a viable alternative. To this end, the company is aggressively expanding its distribution in both retail and food service. “Joining a retailer like Costco is a huge milestone for Daring as we recently celebrated our one year anniversary of launching our direct-to-consumer platform and expanding into retail,” said Ross Mackay, Co-Founder and CEO of Daring Foods, across from VegNews. “Joining Costco is another sign of our commitment to growth and innovation. We look forward to expanding our retail presence with this introduction.”

I dare to make a better chicken

Daring Foods made its US retail debut in 340 Sprouts stores in 2020 after it was launched in the UK food service sector. With the introduction of Costco, Daring Foods expanded its US distribution to 1,100 retail locations including Gelson, Fresh Thyme, Erewhon, Roots Market, Wegmans and Bristol Farms. The vegan chicken from Daring Foods is also available through the food subscriptions Imperfect Foods and Sun Basket as well as through the fast-casual chain Just Salad. In January, Daring Foods announced its partnership with Dot Foods, the largest food service redistributor in North America, making the brand’s vegan chicken widely available to food service providers. “It gives all food service channels and operators the ability to expand plant-based menu options so that more customers can get a much-needed plant-based chicken alternative,” said Mackay.

In the coming months, Daring Foods will continue to expand in the US to replace traditional chicken with better vegan alternatives. “From day one, our mission at Daring has been to remove chicken from our food systems. We cannot achieve this without the help of our retail and food service partners,” said Mackay. “We want Daring to be available to customers in every store and restaurant across the country.”

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