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The NYC Mayor’s Office urges New Yorkers to cut beef by 50 percent

The New York City Mayor’s Animal Welfare Bureau encourages residents to reduce their meat consumption in order to meet the city’s meat reduction goals. These goals are part of the city’s OneNYC strategy to tackle the climate crisis and ensure healthy living through less meat. An email to residents advises that individual choices make progress, and less meat is better for people, the planet and animals. The email also includes guidance, developed in partnership with World Animal Protection’s meat reduction campaign, on how residents can reduce their meat consumption, including meatless assembly, cutting beef by 50 percent, phasing out processed meats and replacing meat dishes with plant-based ones Dishes proteins.

New York Agencies also have programs to help promote plant-based eating and improve the affordability of fruits and vegetables, such as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP / EBT); Meatless Monday offers in hospitals, public schools, homeless shelters, and prisons; and Health Bucks program.

“It’s incredible to see America’s largest city promoting meat reductions. This guide provides valuable information on the importance of eating less meat and resources in order to help New York City make a move to more humane, more sustainable plant-based proteins “said Joe Loria, Meat Reduction Campaign Leader for World Animal Protection, USA.” The United States consumes more meat than almost any other country in the world. This demand for cheap meat has fueled factory farming and practices, animals as bare Treating gears in a machine, including extreme containment, brutal mutilations, and excessive use of antibiotics. “

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